MCC003 on 1620 - would you trust this burn?



Im ssing some Verbatim 8x media which my 1620 can overspeed to 12x but I wonder what the experts view is on this scan. I know errors tend to jump at the outside of the disc but is this too much of a jump? It looks pretty bad to me.


I have some RicohJPN-R02 burns with PI-error spikes up to 700-800 and PI-failure spikes up to 50-60 and they play perfect on all the stand-alone players.


quality score looks good. but i prefer pie < 3 digits (preferably under 20 -30) and a low total count. and pif < 2 digits (preferably under 8) and a low total count. just my $.02


I have just burnt the same data set at 8x and got a PIE of 12-15 and a PIF of 5…so I guess they are not optimum when overspeeded to 12x.
Im happier with those levels too.
thanks for your help and advice guys.


My Benq 1620 is a weird drive.

I can’t burn FUJIFILM03 at all.

Look at my Verbatim 8x MCC 003 burnt at 12x. That’s a pretty ecellent burn.



My Experience with Verbatim 8x 50x cakebox:
The media is very inconsistent in quality.
Even within the spindle, one is great quality (excellent score, 99%) when written at 12x. The next one is nearly a coaster at 12x but they can be written good at 4x (U can check it before with QScan).

Verbatim MCC004 are far more consistent, all of them had good quality at 16x.

I would throw this disc away and burn again.



I would throw this disc away and burn again.

Good advice, I bought the verbatim because I was going through TY media at some rate and in the Uk those discs are quite pricey (70ukp for 100) compared to the verbatim (32ukp for 100).
There cost advantage is negated if I have to through every other one away, and that doesnt take into account the extra time verifying and scanning every burn to validate it.
Guess I should have stuck with TY. Lesson learnt.


Where do you get Verbatim MCC003s for £32 per 100?
100 TY’s Non Printable 8x are £50 @ by the way.


Does the “L” firmware exibit that large error spike at the end of disc?
When you scan, be prepared for a wait. That older firmware scans slowly.


I have notice varying quality with the MCC03…I got some burns where dye changes on the bottom of the disc look strange as compared to ricoh r01 and even cmc mag ae1…

I gotten varying scan results some as good as jbv…others with more PIE…I am back to B7P9 and I get 70000 PIE errors with a peak of 60 at ~ 3gb and 2000 max aroud 6-8 PIF with

I am not happy with varying quality


>Where do you get Verbatim MCC003s for £32 per 100?

Sorry, thats my error, I recalled from memory thats how much I paid for them that when I checked it the price was ex-VAT.

Another thing Ive noticed is that while working my way thought he spindle of MCC003 Ive been scanning the quality of the burns and they have generally improved as Ive gone through them They are now consistently scanning excellently. Does the drive learn how to write to discs as it goes? Could this be why my initial burns are so dubious?


Check your MCC003 for its origin … there are discs being sold that are labelled as being “Made In Singapore” … these perform excellent on my 1620 at 8x with PI-Sum8 well below 20 (max.) and 10000 (total).

But there are also Verbatim MCC003 discs being sold that are labelled as being “Made In Taiwan” … these do burn worse than the ones from Singapore.

Luckily, you can check the packaging for the label and decide which to buy …


The MCC 003 media from post #5 is made in Taiwan.


There are also Made in India MCC003… they are the worst of all MCC003 :wink:


I have noticed that the upper discs on my current MCC003 (Made In Taiwan) spindle often show minor damage (some light scratches) on their surface areas … while I am going through the spindle, the quality increases, too.


hmm…pretty sure mine were taiwan…


All the Verbatim MCC 003 discs I have burned were made in Taiwan. They are of top notch quality and are some of the best media I have ever burned on my two BenQ DW1620s. They always scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed quality scores of 96-98. I am very happy with them. That’s burning them at 12x speed and scanning them at 8x speed.


have you looked at the burned side of the disc…my last few had some very weird marks which looked like the dye was not burned and I got very high quality scan…though I have noticed my PIE are higher with later dvd+r in my spindle

I just took a look at my Teon 8x dvd+r…MCC 003…some of the discs have a line (which looks like there is no dye that goes from the edge of the disc inward) that are unburned…these Teon are very questionable in there quality!!!