MCC003 in Australia

I bought a 50 spindle of Ultran 4x +R discs for A$26 from the Disc Shop. When I checked these out they turned out to be MCC003 which are 8x. They burn beautifully on my 812@832 at 4x and 6x and reasonably at 8x.

At that price they are the cheapest good +R disc I have found in Australia.

Hey where is it about you bought it? Can i get it from Victoria? Thankz

What a good deal! Pity I am a bit too far away… :frowning:
However, interested to note that they marked what are definitely 8x discs as 4x! First time I have seen this - anyone seen other examples of “marketing down”?

Hi mate,
Where’d you say you got those?

I believe he said the disc shop …

I have bought some from the local computer fair and have found a few with the MCC 003 code. But most of the them (98%) of mine have been Ritek R03 revision 2, also 8x speed discs.

I don’t think they are genuine though. Made by Ultran using other companies media codes (maybe their dye as well).

Computer fair had them for $22.00 per 50 pack.

This thread I guess will be moved soon by the moderators as it isn’t really on topic…

For NZ buyers, you can get then form QMB Computers but watch out, they are not made by Mitsubishi, they are just using their media code and they can vary from batch to batch.