MCC003 Datawrite



As with anything there is always a brand that uses lots of different dye types. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK where I can ‘definitely’ get MCC003 Datawrite’s?

SVP and a few others have them but they could be MCC or CMC and it appears to be pot luck if you get MCC discs.


If you get Verbatim 8x DVD+R then you are pretty much gauranteed to get MCC003. The quality will certainly be more consistant. :wink:


Yeah well I like the color and writable surface of the Datawrite’s and of course there is the cost :wink:


There is a reason why those discs are cheaper. :wink:


They are the same discs whether you get the CMC or the MCC coded ones. They are made in the same place afaik so its always going to be pot luck whether you get CMC or MCC.

As to where to get them, I would have thought SVP would have been your best bet as they seem to try and give the customer accurate info.