MCC003 and the 755/760 series



After seeing Bob’s somewhat troublesome posts with his 760A and a batch of MCC003, of which he sent me three discs with similar results, I decided to do some testing with my various 755 and 760 drives with my own MCC003. I have both Prodisc and CMC-made discs, some branded, some printable, some shiny silver. All tests were done with AutoStrategy turned off to force the usage of the strategy in the firmware, which should be the same for all the drives.


Ready to start posting the scans. The order for each will be as follows:

  1. PX-755SA TLA 0002 #1
  2. PX-755SA TLA 0002 #2
  3. PX-760A TLA 0102
  4. PX-760A TLA 0103
  5. PX-760SA TLA 0102

Let’s start off with the burns of the Prodisc-made MCC003 shiny silver discs from Meritline.


Next, the PlexTools scans.


BenQ scans. Unfortunately, due to a bug with the Marvell SATA controller on my second system, the burns done on 755SA #2 are all left as open discs and neither then BenQ nor Lite-On can scan them :a


Last set for these discs, scanned on Lite-On drives.


Now for the Prodisc-made hub printables. Write graphs first.


PlexTools scans. This time, I’m not even able to get a PT scan of 755SA #2. I really have to find some way to get it on a working SATA controller.


BenQ scans.


Lite-On scans.


I managed to coax a PlexTools scan out of the burn on 755SA #2:


I realized that 12x may bit a bit unfair for this test, as it is an overspeed and not guaranteed to give good results, so I’ll use the rated 8x for the remaining burns I do.


For this round, I used some regular branded MCC003 made by CMC (PAHA) with stamper code ZC9667-DVR-X47B.


Plextools scans.


BenQ scans.


Lite-On scans.


It looks like there is far less variability when burning MCC003 at its rated speed of 8x, though these discs were made by CMC rather than Prodisc. Perhaps the CMC-made ones are closer to Singapore-made MCC003?


Still testing. This round is of some old DataLifePlus discs with the pearly-white surface. They are CMC-made as well, PAH6 with a stamper code of ZC8365-DVR-X47B.


Plextor scans.


BenQ scans.


Lite-On scans.