MCC003 and MCC004 not recommended for ND-4550A?

I was on the German NEC site and found the recommended media list for the ND-4550A and MD-4551A drives, and was suprised that Mitsubishi Chemical Company’s (i.e. Verbatim MCC003 (8X) and MCC004 (16X)) DVD+Rs are not recommended!

Here’s the link to the compatibility list:

Meanwhile the MCC DVD-Rs are recommended…

I’ve had good results with both MCC003 and MCC004 Verbatim DVD+Rs on the ND-4550A drive, and the drive offers to overspeed the MCC003s, so they must be considered good.

I read somewhere that MCC003 and MCC004 are both made in Taiwan by CMC, but using Mitsubish dyes, so they are in fact good. Is this true?

Anyway, I found it strange that they were not recommended…

I find both MCC003 and MCC004 to give excellent results on the 4550 and 4551

Thanks for the confirmation. I also see to have good results with MCC003 and MCC004 in any burner I use.

If you look at some of the other media compatibility charts available at the same site, MCC DVD+Rs are not recommended for previous models like the ND-3540A, but is for models ND-6500A and above, though at burn speeds that are REDUCED from the rated media speed! For instance the ND-6650A drive shows that 16X MCC (assume MCC004) should only be burned at a recommended max of 8X. I wonder if NEC knows something we don’t? Meanwhile, the 8X MCC (again, assume MCC003) is OK to burn at the rated 8X speed.

I’m also curious why NEC chooses to burn MCC003 with CAV on this drive, while it uses ZCLV on MCC004 discs? Is Zone CLV ever really optimum for DVD burning compared to CAV? I know I can see “banding” where it changes write speed on my MCC004s burned with the ND-4550A, while I don’t see it on MCC003s, though according to the graph produced with DVDInfoPro in conjuction with ImgBurn, both are burned with Zone CLV… Is the MCC003 perhaps better media (dye specificially )than the MCC004?

Hi :slight_smile:
I believe that the consistancy of MCC 004 in particular has been in question recently. Also I can’t find it now (typical) but one retailer in the UK was listing Infiniti Samuri (MCC 004) as 8x rated. The discs are the same as those offered by other dealers as 16x Infiniti (which is what I use a lot myself). I’ve not experienced any problems @ 16x ( see here ), although depending on the DVDRW 12x is possibly the better option.