MCC maid in Taiwan cd-r's



Hi all,
After getting slightly :confused: with the conversation that took place between Tlotz and drpino, in some what a reply to my question about c1 and c2 results, I learned that the media I bought a CC ( not labled on the spindle of cd-r’s) is MCC maid in Taiwan. This is the 1st media that worked well on the fly with my 2 px716a’s. Also,…believe it or not,Memorex cdr’s performed well.
These Verbatim 50 spindle cdr’s are NoT ending with AZO in the hub #'s.
Toltz, in your post of 2 spindles side by side,I have the 1 on the right which has no ( Advanced AZO ) lable on the spindle.
Also ,…the DVD-R spindle of 25,…Verbatim,…has on the lable Advanced AZO.
Man,!..All this is fairley new to me and very interesting. So much to learn so we can get an understanding of the quality we’re expecting when buying media!! :eek: Thanks CDFreaks!!


You said this media was MCC media–check the ATIP info (the manufacturer code in the media). Put one of the Verbatim CD-Rs in your PX-716A, and then go to Plextools, and click CD/DVD info (assuming your 716A is selected as the default drive). It should say “Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation”. You can also use Nero Infotool to check the manufacturer code (there are other programs that can do this too). Now, look at your Verbatim disc. If it said “Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation” in Plextools, you should see AZO on the outer hub. The outer hub serial number is located on the part of the disc closest to the clear see through plastic at the center of the disc. It is not the number on the clear plastic on the center of the disc, but is the letters/numbers closest to (but not on) the see through plastic center of the disc. If the serial number begins with “CD-R 80”, it’s CMC media, and Plextools should have told you CMC when you looked at the CD/DVD info. See my recent posts in your “c1/c2 tests”–I just posted some new info about outer hub serial numbers.


I see the AZO in the #'s U described!! This is good media. Works great!!

Do U know if the new Roxio 7.5 does these scans?..Well I guess I’ll find that ? soon cuz I just ordered it! Pc Mag rates it #1.
Anyway, U’ve been very helpful. Thanks. :iagree: