MCC made in CMC and Prodisc factories?

I’m a littel bit confused about this. I see all over this site that Some MCC coded DVDs are made in CMC factories and some In Prodisc factories. Is this true?

Yep, that’s true.
There are several manufacturers for Verbatim:
Made in Taiwan: Prodisc and CMC
Made in India: Moser Baer India
Made in Singapore: Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

Cu Rippraff

Made in Japan (CD or DVD): Taiyo Yuden (rare, only in Europe)
Made in Japan (BD): Mitsubishi Chemical

True but they wouldn’t show as MCC. :wink:

Cu Rippraff

Just to clarify, MCC discs manufactured by third-party companies (MBI, CMC and Prodisc) are still genuine MCC-technology discs, manufactured with MCC methodology and quality control.

I’s not in the least the same kind outsourcing than, for example, Memorex, who doesn’t have its own manufacturing technology.

The latter form of outsourcing, though, is found in Verbatim “Pearl Whites” line of blanks that can be found in Europe.

This is subject to exceptions (8x MBI-made MCCs…)

?? :confused: ?? What do you mean?

Exactly what I thought. I knew they were still of MCC quality and standards, I just didn’t know if it was true if they were manufatured in outsourced factories or not. Thanks you guys are great.