MCC DVD-r 8x 100 for $20 shipped

The has a sale on shiny top MCC (unbranded) coded DVD-r for $35.99. Use coupon code MCCDEAL and $16 is subtracted from the final price. The shipping (UPS ground) is free. I paid $23.14 for 100, including California taxes. Not sure about the quality of these MCC disc.

MCC DVD-r 8x 100 for $20.00 shipped.

the techgeek MCC deal

thats a good deal, I think they are prodiscs because prodisc -R uses that media code too, I think it is MCC20RG. But I would not buy it because media go on sale weekly and I have too many left. I would only buy TY or Made in Japan media or Verbatim brand only, and made in Luxemburg TDK

You are probably right, I forgot prodisc uses the MCC formula, would make sense.


Agree on sticking with media that is Made In Japan - it is always the safe and wise choice-eh!