MCC and Ricoh deals

A couple of deals on DVD blanks that burn well on the NEC burners:

Best Buy Verbatim DVD-R Digital Movie 4x, media code MCC 01RG20 for $12.99/25 after instant rebate, until next Saturday.

Costco TDK DVD+R (or -R), 2 cake boxes of 25 for $25 ($25/50), media code RICOHJPNR01. Today, Sunday, is the last day for this deal.

For me this Verbatim media works OK.

are you serious costco had ricoh’s for .50 / piece! man i wish i knew about 7 hours ago

I bought some of the TDK’s from Costco and they ID as CMC Magnetics mfg. They work just great in my Plextor 712A, where the CMC Magnetics made Memorex discs fail miserably.

I got two packs and one was ricoh and the other cmc. I was bummed at first, but found that these cmc were much better than the memorex (as you mentioned), and burned nicely at 8x. I don’t know if this is a good indicator, but the packaging was slightly different on the two packs, after closer inspection. The cmc states made in taiwan, right below and to the right of where the specs are listed (small table). The ricoh doesn’t. The clear cover of the cake box of the cmc has a 3/8" or so lip on the top, while the ricoh has a lip that’s only about 1/8" or so. I didn’t notice the differences when I grabbed the two packs, but will keep it in mind next time.