MCC 8x DVD+R, great price

I did not see any mention of posting links to ebay auctions, if it is not aloud please delete this.

I do not know this person at all other than I ordered from him.

I purchased a 25 pack and then a 50 pack after I found out that they were MCC 003 8x !!

heres the code i get,

Disc Type : [DVD+R]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC]
Media Type ID : [003]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Disc Application Code : [General Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [2.4x-4x-6x-8x]

here is the link to what he has, shipping is fast and is cheap…

Could you be a bit more specific? The link showed many sellers of DVD’s. Can you identify the seller or the particular item number on the page?



Seller is “xsaix”

here is what I bought first a 25 pack

then I bought a 50 pack

100 pack (I did not get these)

You may wish to contact the seller first to make sure what disks you will be getting.
Like I stated I do not know him and I would hate for someone to buy a 100 pack and have them not be MCC, though I have bought a 25 pack and a 50 pack and they are in fact MCC 8x DVD+R’s.