My friend had problem with this media’s, so i tried to check it out.
Verbatim DVD-R x16

  1. brandnew ihas324 - x16 - unreadable, drive slows at the end to 4-6 and burned with x16 takes about 8mins bcuz of that, quality test at the end got about 1K of both scales.

  2. same ihas324 x8 - succesfully burned with good quality

  3. liteon 20a1h - burned x16 - disk is not visible on that and other drives

  4. lg gh22lp20 shows different possible burn speeds on different medias of that pack, sometimes x8, 12, even saw 16.
    Tried to burn one x16 - no visible anywhere

Who the hell could name it verbatim, where is it produced, somebodys should nuke that factory, is this really MCC as mid or Crap Media Corp. ?
20 of this verb’s went actually to thrash.
Waste of money and time…


LG succesfully burned it x8, but scan is terrible:

what a disaster at all

Varying quality from good to crap is an old, well known problem of MCC 03RG20 VERBATIM DVD-R 16x.
If you buy the Verbatim DVD+R 16x, chances are better to get good media.
You generally should avoid those made in China.:Z

You state in the title, the word Titanium.

Are these discs actually Verbatim branded or are they Datawrite Titanuim, using a Verbatim MCC media code?

I tried to use them both, cause they are exactly the same shit…
Titanum i think are fake, but i dont see any difference, verbatim is shit, and titanum too…
How can i check which are from China or not, there are some producent codes on the cake, to check it out before buy&open?

Hi pcus3r,
please post the stamper codes and serial numbers of your Verbatims and Titanums.

The origin (Made in…) is printed on the shrinkwrap of any original Verbatim cakeboxes.

[QUOTE=pepst;2305210]Hi pcus3r,
please post the stamper codes and serial numbers of your Verbatims and Titanums.[/QUOTE]

At this moment i dont have cakes, so cant check where it was made.
Stamper code: zd9906-dvr-j47f4, so looks that is real if dvr …?

Today i ordered for a try 10pack of titanum and esperanza, will test it soon, when only i get it. And also DL omega and xtreme.