MCC 03RG20 (Verbatim 16X) has two looks?

I have one Verbatim 16X 50 pack from Staples that has code MCC 03RG20, and one 100 pack from meritline MCC 03RG20. Everything from the packaging, to the disc label, to the meidia code, are identical. Both are from Taiwan.
The difference:
The inside of the disk is silver on the 100 pack, and on the 50 pack the inside looks more like a Taiyo Yuden (a small clear ring).

Simply put: how could the same model have different disks under identical Verbatim labels?


Any way you can scan some pictures of the discs so we can see exactly what you mean?

Post serials from the hub, I’m betting that you got 1 Prodisc and 1 CMC spindle.

100 Pack from Meritline(Left in picture):MAP640JE180348554
What looks black on the screen is actually silver in reality.

50 Pack from Staples: MAP693JHO8154866 3
tHE STAPLES serials are a slightly smaller text

Thanks for your time


Both of those are made by CMC Magnetics, based on the serial numbers.

However, I’m not really surprised that the discs look different. I think Verbatim sometimes changes the look of their discs from one batch to another. I have seen two versions of Verbatim 8x DVD+R which are both on sale at the same time and the discs look completely different. One is matt silver, similar to what you have with your 16x discs over there and another is shiny silver with the pattern of a big “+” over the entire disc surface. Both are made by Prodisc and both have horribly variable burn quality.

Thanks Karangguni. Variable burn quality ok, how about long life? It is supposed to be AZO dye. Are these up to Verbatim’s reputation?

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Possible that the one on the left was originally meant to be for full faced printables, but the demand for standard non printable discs was higher so they simply swapped over the discs before putting on the top coat.

From the discs that I have tried with similar codes they should work fine.

I cannot really say. I bought some of the discs I mentioned around September last year. So far they are still ok despite the variable burn quality but I cannot tell how well they last for a time period longer than that.