MCC 03RG20 Lightscribe (questionable results)

Burning the lightscribe label side is no problem at all, they come out really great.
It’s just that lately when I’ve played these disks on a weaker dvd player, it skips a lot. On a newer dvd player I might only notice 1 or 2 skips, but still…these cost me 1$ each and I would like them to be near perfect.

I use the Lite-on 20a3h to burn the lightscribe label, then I burn the data side with either the Lite-on 20a1P(kl0p) or the Benq 1640(bsrb).
Is it alright to burn the data side in non lightscribe drives? I’ve been mainly using the Lite-on 20a1P to do the data side. One note, the drive vibrates like hell! I’ve read some threads about this drive being this way so I guess that’s suppose to happen. I burn these MCC 03RG20 dvd’s at 8x.

Should I be using the Lite-on 20a3h to burn the data side as well? Or can the 20a1P and benq 1640 do it as well?
Any speed recommendations or is 8x ok?

I just finished a movie and it skipped consistently throughout and got a bit worse at the end. I’ll show you a disc quality scan I just did with the 20a1P.

I don’t know why it’s so bad. The other computer I use to burn dvds on, is a Pentium 4/1.8/1.5 gig RAM, but it’s a fresh installation of xp with all the updates and drivers installed and only 13 services in the background.
The benq 1640(slave) and lite-on 20a1P(master) are both connected with 80 pin conductor.

any advice and suggestion given would be great.:flower:

Burning the data side of a Lightscribe disc on a non-Lightscribe drive is ok, it’s the label side that needs the extra hardware found on Lightscribe drives.

You could try burning the data side on other drives and see what your results may be, it could simply be just that your burning drive doesn’t agree with those discs. And 8x is a safe speed to burn 16x media so no problems there. You could also check if there are any specks of dust or scratches that could only be seen under a strong light on that disc - the spike on the 1.2GB mark is the only thing messing with your scan. Otherwise, everything looks decent.

Are these Verbatim-branded MCC 03RG20 discs? The only culprit I’d point a finger at could only be your burning drive…

hi, thanks for the reply:p

I burned it on the 20a1P burner, which is fairly new (2 months used).
When I installed the 20a1P on my pc I can remember the power connector did not exactly fit in smoothly. It’s a pain in the arse to remove it from the drive as well. The benq was nice and easy to connect the power connector. Clicked in nicely. Anything to be alarmed about here? note: the power connector that i have connected to the Lite-on also was not easy to put in the benq, I guess it’s just one of those difficult ones:p.

Yep these are genuine Verbatim discs, buy them from blankmedia .ca

thanks again for the reply, it’s good to check these things out with people knowledgeable in this area.