MCC 03RG20 is a fake media?

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I’m new here, so, sorry for any mistakes (and eventually for my english) =p

I bought 3 types of media today: Memorex 16x (CMC MAG. AM3), Smartbut 8x (ProdiscF01) and Verbatim 16x (MCC 03RG20).

But I saw that that Verbatim ID means that it’s a faked media, is it true? I saw at digitalFAQ that actually that’s an awesome type of DVD, but I’m not sure.

Also, I would like to know if that Memorex really sucks, everywhere I look they say that CMC MAG. AM3 is not a good one. My friend took some tests on Nero Speed and I saw great results, really great (and that media was like 1 month old).

Hi, [B]The_Truth[/B], welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

The Verbatim’s should be real - do they say Made in Taiwan, Made in India or Made in Japan on the spindle? :slight_smile:

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[B]“But I saw that that Verbatim ID means that it’s a faked media”[/B]

Where on earth did you gather this piece of (mis)information? :confused:

“MCC03RG20” is a [I]Mitsubishi Chemicals[/I] mediacode, indicating their 16X -R disc technology. “MCC03RG20” is not “faked” or “legit” or anything, it’s just a code. That’s its [I]use[/I] that can be legit or not. :wink:

In the case of Verbatim, which is one of Mitsubishi’s own brands, and unless the “Verbatim” brand itself is couterfeit (which happens scarcely, and only in Europe, at least as far as I know), this MCC03RG20 mediacode is 100% legit. And from the three discs makes you bought, these should be the best without a doubt. :cool:

Thank you guys for being so kind to me :o

[B]Kevatcrewe[/B], there’s nothing at the spindle mentioning where it was made. :eek:

[B]Francksoy[/B], weel I don’t know if I can mention other boards here :stuck_out_tongue: , so, unless I know if it’s okay, I won’t :disagree:

So, can I believe that this media is 100% legit? :smiley: I bought these 3 because I’m going to get a bunch of them tomorrow, I’m testing to see which one is better. Probably I’m going to take the Verbatim (I have a Pioneer 111D, if that helps :kiss: ).

By the way, I was reading some threads and I still don’t know how to recognise a false one. Can I be sure of the legitimacy of the media just by the ID?

Sadly, no. As I mention in my previous post, there are counterfeit Verbatim products around (even though they are scarse), and to reply specifically to your question, no an ID does not prove that the media is genuine, as technically this ID can be put there by any manufacturer. For instance on this board we know lots of products with a fake Taiyo Yuden ID, there is even a sticky thread dedicated to the subject.

With Verbatim / MCC media, to be 100% sure that it’s genuine, you just have to take a look at the stampercode, which is near the hub on the data side of the disc (in the non-data area) : it should be ZDXXXX-DVR-XXXXX (X = alphanumeric).

I suggest you a actually check this, as the fact that there is no country of origin on the package is kinda suspect (unless you’re talking discs [I]in jewel cases[/I] sold in some european countries, where mentioning the country of originin is not mandatory).

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It’s ZD8056-DVR-J47F4, at the “verse” of the disc, where I can hardly see, right?

By the way, DrageMester, do you recommend flashing 111D to 111L?

That’s the same format as genuine Verbatim media, so there’s no reason to believe you have fake Verbatim media.

By the way, DrageMester, do you recommend flashing 111D to 111L?
You will void your warranty, but you’ll get BookType DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+R media, which is good for increased compatibility with older readers/players, and you’ll also get DVD-RAM writing capability.

Both my Pioneer DVR-111 and DVR-111D have been flashed to 111L in order to get bitsetting.

I also flashed my 111L. Just ensure your drive is ok before flashing. If it sounds weird or does stupid things, it’s probably going to die, so flashing will just void your warranty and screw things up for you.

Some people here have had problems with their drive and they tried to flash it to an unofficial firmware to rectify the problem, which of course is never going to fix a faulty drive.

So just be careful if you decide to :slight_smile:

And in asia (china) and in south america !

Ok \o/, I’m not going to use DVD+R for a while, so, I won’t flash my driver for now.

Talking about malfunctioning, I think my driver is ok, although everytime I’m ripping something from the DVD to the HD, or burning a dvd, the buffer is not “constant”, I mean, sometimes it sticks on 90 - 100%, but sometimes it goes to 0, so, I don’t know if it’s normal or not.

I’m going to read some faq’s from CD Freaks to know more about the buffer thing.

Thanks btw =D :clap:

Thanks for the info Dakhaas :slight_smile:

Hmm screwed up there. It’s south america. :eek: Not africa.

I don’t see anything about South Africa in your post! :smiley:

Hehe. :bigsmile: The great mysteries of the blank media forum. :cool:

Hehe, I thought something didn’t look quite right :bigsmile:

Hello again o/

I did some tests with the Memorex and the Verbatim one, both were extremely good, later I’ll post the tests.

But talking about the CMC MAG AM3, why people say it’s not a “great” media? The tests were about the same. (I did the Disc Quality scan only with Memorex, got 95, I’ll post later as I said).

Although Memorex is a little bit cheaper, I’ll get Verbatim.

CMC MAG AM3 isn’t bad media at all IMO :disagree: - it just depends which brands you buy it under. HP, for example, is one of the better brands you’ll find it under.

And some drives are better than others at burning this media.

Yep. How well the 111/D/L burns it, I wouldn’t know because I don’t have one, though.