Mcc 03rg20 & 1620

Anyone have any success in doing a good burn with the 1620 and the verbatim dvd-r’s (16x)

I cant seem to get it to burn properly (like the results are crap).

Can you post some scans as example?


Do your scans look anything like these ones in this thread? I posted some scans burnt on a 1620 there:

im guessing thats how it will turn out, after about 5% of scanning my quality rating is down to 94%.

I have a Benq 1620 and Pioneer 111d flashed to 111l 8.29. Guess its shitty media then?

A bad batch of media can happen, but interrupting the scan after 5% only because quality rating is 94% is not a good idea in my opinion. 94% is not a bad result, and anyway only watching the complete scan you can know if it is a good or a bad burning.