MCC 02RG20, why is it so bad ? (especially with my Lite-On.)

Today I’ve just bought a spindle of Verbatim (50 discs). After seeing its scan result, I have to say that it’s horrible. It so bad that I don’t want to show the scan result, but I have to show it just to let you know how bad it is.

It doesn’t look good at all.

Is there any way I can do to improve the write quality ?
I mean, some strategy change or something.

I used my Lite-On 1693S /w FW Ks0B and Quality Patch to write the disc.

I’m always a fan of Verbaim; I like its +R 8X disc so much, but today the +R version just ran out of stock, so I just bought the -R one, thinking that it should be the same. But no friend… no.

P.s. I’m pretty sure that mine is authentic since I bought it from a good store and everything looks real (including those stamper number), compared to my other Verbatim discs.

What on earth are you talking about? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that scan. :confused:

Also, I find that my 3rd burn of new media is the best and then the results stay that way.

The PIE’s are higher than I’d like but otherwise it’s OK.

Try a Transfer Rate Test & see how that looks.

There’s nothing wrong with that scan.

A scan is never complete without a Read Transfer Test, however. :slight_smile:

I agree with TimC that PIEs are a little high but overall pretty good.

I use MCC 02RG20 almost all the time. I found a good batch about a year ago and bought about 600 for my video archiving project. The interesting thing I ran into with my new LH-20A1H is that the first couple of burns on this media were horrible. Turns out for me a least I was burning the media too slow. Once I moved to 8x burns and went through a few discs it made a big difference.

Attached is what I can get with my Plextor and this media and I will post a burn from my Liteon as soon as it gets done scanning.

Follow up to my previous post. This is my favorite media.

Don’t worry [I]PrTv[/I]. :slight_smile:
That’s acceptable burn with a Litey on dash media. Liteys are first of all good plus media burners (all the way since 401S).

BTW, I get 3-4x more PIE errors on DW1650 compared to DW1640 when scanning MCC03RG20 media. Don’t think this is a coincidence. :wink:

[I]Edit.[/I] To other members posting scans, remember you can never compare with scans from different drives makers/models/firmwares. Period.

I mostly agree with this statement but depends on what you are trying to compare. The original post was “why is MCC 02RG20 so bad?”

My intent was to show that the media can in fact be good under various conditions.

Edit: Forgot to mention I used the same scanning drive for both of my posts but of course that cannot compare to someone else’s different dirve.

Thanks for your replies.

Here is Read scan result.

What do you think ? (I think the read speed for a recordable disc is locked at 8X.)
Please note that this one is not the same disc on my first post, since I burnt 3 discs yesterday and all of them was just the same, so I just pick one for this scan.

The reason why I post this thread is that when I compared the result from -R with the +R one, I found that the -R is worse, way worse.

This is the result from +R disc (Mcc003).

I know that Lite-On prefers + disc, but I’ve never known that it will hate the - one that much. :doh:

Where were the discs made? (it should say in the spindle ‘made in …’)

PS: Did Verbatim 8x discs also get made in India? Or just the 16x ones?

The MCC 003… let me guess. It’s made in Taiwan by Prodisc?
I’ve had similar results with Prodisc-made MCC 003 :eek:
One of the best discs that I had, and I still have about 20 of those in the cakebox.

My + spindle was made in Taiwan, but the - one was made in Hell.

Oops, I mistyped it, actually both were made in Taiwan, but I don’t know if prodisc made it. It so bad that there is no refund policy in my country, so I have to stay with those -R spindle.

Can anyone tell me if verbatim -R is really a bad one or it’s just my writer that f :Z k it up ?

in my experience liteon w/ -R media = higher PIE
ecma limit for pie is 280 and 4 for pif, and you’re nowhere near that. for some reason that part always gets left out of PIE discussions by everyone, myself included :slight_smile:

People have been telling you but for some reason you’re not listening (or reading). philamber wrote “There is absolutely nothing wrong with that scan”. Then, TimC replied “The PIE’s are higher than I’d like but otherwise it’s OK.” Also DrageMester said, “There’s nothing wrong with that scan”. If you still don’t get it try educating yourself on what scanning with nero cd/dvd scan can and cannot tell you.

The TRT is practically perfect. There is nothing wrong with your -R discs :rolleyes: