MCC 01RG20 - Is there life in there?

I just recieved my order for ProdiscS03 white tops from Meritline that turned out to be MCC 01RG20.

Has anyone looked at the recording surface of these closely, yet? Small circles, scenic ponds, text and other goodies show like holographics when held to a light on an angle. The circles remind me of what White Castle did to the hamburger.

Could they be crop circles? :confused:

If you play them backwards will mystical voices and pictures foretell strange omens or encourage folks to eat their spinach?

The other scenery could represent a whole ecology! These are, after all, made with organic dyes.

Maybe there are teeny little organisms playfully romping around, planting crops and doing a circular Hokey Pokey through the idylic landscape of my dvds.

What happens if I burn a dvd? Millions of laser guided flaming bits and bytes searing the landscape, setting homes and organisms ablaze, destroying farmland and crop circles and wiping out an entire civilization with my digital data of doom! Will the survivors clustered around the edge retaliate by filling in the pits randomly and send my data into the Great Bit Bucket in the sky along with their fallen kin?

NOOoooo! I can’t have that on my conscience!

Be a murderer if you must but I cannot take part in such behavior and will send my discs back to whence they came.


p.s. Anyone know who is still selling prodiscS03 in the US?

Send a PM to cnlson, he just bought some. You should ask him if he tested the media code though as S03 has been out of production for some time. He might have the same MCC that you do. Also, I have burned both on my NEC and LG and I would keep the MCC. As good as the S03 was, the MCC is better.

I think maybe your problem is you were too close to the media and you probably inhaled something in the dye. Time to take a long nap.