MCC 01RG20 and the 811S - not working


In my country, we see a lot of Verbatim -R 4X media with the media code:

MCC 01RG20.

After two unsuccessful attempts with both RNM and the LATEST Nero 6 (, writing @ 4X to a full data DVD, I cannot for the life of me get the disc’s to read back in the 811S.

dvdInfoPro reports the media as BLANK!

Windows tells me the media is inaccessible in explorer. It has a REALLY hard time of it spinning up.

Tried writing @ 4X. Took 13mins in Nero. All seemed well until I popped the disc back in and it didnt spin up correctly, and when it finally did mount, the media is not recognised properly at all.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Any info from Lite-Ons “SmartBurn”?

Drive Type = DVD DUAL
Disc Type = DVD-R (Single Layer)
Disc MID = 4D 43 43 20 30 31 (MCC 01)
Disc TID = 00 04 52 47 32 30 (…RG20)
Manufacturer Maybe = Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 4.0X (Write)

This is what Smart Burn Media Check 3.16 reports to me.

I asked a friend this morning how his drive went with the same media, and he told me they burnt off fine. What could be going wrong here?

:frowning: :confused: :bow:

BTW…firmware revision is HS0E!

hmmm…media looks good!

I am a little confuzzed, about your burning progz and the amount of “data” you want to burn. (DVD-/R/RW max 4,37GB!)

Try to uninstall Nero. Use “Nero Clean Tool” to remove all crap and drivers. Make fresh install.

And pl next time provide more info of HW and SW.


Suffice to say, my problem is NOT solved after your suggestion on reinstalling Nero after using the clean tool available.

I need to know if others have used the media and had success or have experienced similar problems etc…


Strange, works fine on my LDW-411S.

Where are they made btw?

Made in Singapore = Real Mitsubishi.
Made in Taiwan = CMC but with mitsubishi ADIP.
Made in India = Moser Baer but with mitsubishi ADIP.

I don’t know if there is quality difference between them, but there may be. Those I used for the LDW-411S is made in Singapore.

Was it video or data you were trying to write?

Its made in Singapore.

I was attempting to write a close to full data DVD in Nero