MCC 004 Made In India Sold In Australia?

About to buy some from a place which cant tell where the ones they sell are made.

So was wondering if verbatim actually sell India made Verbatim 16X DVD+R in Australia?



Didnt know there were any Indian made verbs.?

Best bet is to post your Q in the OZ thread in the Bargain Basement Forum.
Say what store + what brand - people will know if they are yay/nay.

Indian manufactured Verbatim media (made by Moser Baer under licence) isn’t sold downunder. Japanese manufactured Verbs (TY) aren’t sold in Oz either.

Verbs sold in Oz are all made either in Singapore (dual layer dvd blanks) at MCC’s own plant or in Taiwan (all other media) by either CMC Magnetics or Prodisc under licence (though if you’re lucky you may still find some old stock of Singapore manufactured dvd blanks even though no new stock has been imported from Singapore for some time).

Thanks philamber, didnt want to end up with Moser Baer when ordering next time, Taiwan ones are fine, burnt hundreds with my NEC-3500. :bow: