MCC 004 high PI errors



All burns from a new spindle of Verbatim DVD+R 16x MCC 004 media have high PI errors in quality scans. The following discs were burned with LiteOn iHAS122 at 16x and Samsung SH-S223C at 12x (both with latest firmware). Quality score seems OK, but I used to get much lower PI errors (usually under 20) with other spindles. Burns at lower speeds produce similar results. What do you think?


The second disc is clearly better than the first - the Transfer Rate Test being the most important indicator.
Is this burned on the Samsung drive?


I agree the second looks better than the first - going by the OP, if I’m reading it right, the socond disc was burned on the Sammy at 12x :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, where were those Verbies made? I don’t often get near enough wall-to-wall PIF on a Verbie. But then I tend to stick to 8x burns unless I’m testing discs :slight_smile:


First burn is with LiteOn and second with Samsung. These are Taiwanese “PAPA” printable discs. I tried burning at 4x/8x, but quality scan reults were similar. I will try again on a different drive.


This was burned with LG GSA-E10L at 4x, but it doesn’t look any better. What do you think?


Ah, CMC then, cheers for that. :slight_smile:

So it’s just that batch with the higher PI errors, or have other batches burned similarly?

I’d probably stick to burning that particular batch on the Sammy, although the TRT on the LG-burned disc is good as well.


All the above burns come from the same spindle. I have only one unopened spindle of the same media, as I recently decided to switch to DVD-R which seem to burn better. I suspect it is just a batch with higher PI errors, but time will show.


This is why I am switching to DVD-R media (burned with LG GSA-E10L at 4x):


I opened a new spindle of the same media (not printable but colour Verbatim #43733) and I got similar results with high PI errors regardless drive and speed burned. It seems that this is a more general issue. Again these are “PAPA” made in Taiwan. Is anyone else having this issue?


PIF-wise, all my MCC004 Verbies are similar (except the two spindles Made in Taiwan - which are better, rest are Made in India), tried 5 different burners, almost all available speeds.

PIE-wise, I had one batch which had similar constantly high PIE-levels - tried different burners and speeds (I usually burn max 8x, except if during testing faster speed seems to be better) to no avail.

I bought that high-PIE spindle in early 2009. No degradation so far…

I myself too have cleaner scans using MCC03RG20 verbies… also MCC003’s were great, too bad that you can’t get them anywhere.


[QUOTE=kyrcy;2681137]This was burned with LG GSA-E10L at 4x, but it doesn’t look any better. What do you think?[/QUOTE]

I was wondering if those are fake MCC004, The MID not identified on the +R burns :confused:


These are not fakes. I don’t know why the MID is not identified in Disc Quality and Benchmark, but it is identified in Disc Info. Probably an issue with DiscSpeed.