MCC 004 burning @ only 4x in 1655?



I just installed my new I\O Magic (benq 1655) flashed to benq 1655 retail BCBD firmware (checked UMDA 2 enabled) it’s ok. I’m burning a data disc in Nero CD Speed and it’s only burning @ 4x with a Verbatim MCC 004 16x disc. :a

It finished and it never burned above 4x!! The same cable, computer , etc had a 1640 in it before and had no problems burning at any speed.

Burst rate is 23mb\sec.

Any ideas?


Check your software program, maybe the burn speed setting got changed by mistake.


I used CD Speed to burn a test image. It definately took 14 + minutes to burn. The burn quality was excellent, much better than my 1640.

Burning a Video_TS dvd now in VSO Copy to DVD and it’s burning @ 12x now!


Go to " Options" Standard tests, you will see it in the lower right hand corner.


I had the speed in Nero CD Speed set @ maximum for both cd’s & dvds. I’m downloading the latest version now and will check it again.


First burn below @12x Verbatim MCC 004


Hi :slight_smile:
banbeng take a look at this for clearer attachments.
BTW it looks like maybe SB could be responsible for the burn speed. Did you have it enabled?


I have TYG02’s that do the exact same thing. They will only burn at 4X.
Defenitely real TY’s too from Rima and not value.
I have a bunch of cheaper discs that burn at 8X no problem.
My 1640 burns these at 8X no problem.
SB is on for known and Unknown as well as WOPC. Same settings as the 1640.
Using IMGburn and Nero to burn.



I ended up returning the 1655 and swapping it for another.
It must have been a bad drive as everything burns like it should now.