Mcc 004 & benq dw1650 (bchc)



I am getting not as good scan results of MCC 004 (Made in Taiwan) media when burned with BENQ DW1650 (BCHC) at 16x and 12x. Burning at 8x seems to produce better scans. Is this a burner/firmware issue?


Have you tried readin this thread: I know it is for the 1655, but essentially they are the same drive.

If you are using the latest then it might be an idea to go back on version.


Hi :slight_smile:
This latest f/w is a bit tempermental, but when it works WOW . I’d suggest an earlier f/w too.


@Zebadee: Mmmh. When it works. Never worked for me :bigsmile: - I’m happy with BCDC and BCFC. :cool:


Hi :slight_smile:
I have a flashing ritual that works for me. A lot of folk think of it as being a load of ****. But my scans are up there with the best & more importantly consistant too.
That said I too would suggest that BCFC is a better option. Ironic that BenQ have yet to list this on more than the one site. Despite some units being sold over the counter with BCFC installed.


The (HiVal HDVD168DL) I bought at Frys 6/2/06 was a BenQ DW1650 and came with f/w BCDC. What is your f/w ritual for the 1650? I used your DW1640 ritual. If I end with the BCFC f/w, could you give me a link to that site?
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And one more question. In looking for the drives serial # for my MIR, I found something interesting. On the drive label, it has BENQ model DW1650, and in the lower right it has the following-

  1. DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Unit
  2. BQR-DW1655(B)
    and so on.
    And on the Nero disk, LightScribe v1.4.44.1.
    Finally, the question is-
    Can I do lightscribe with this drive?


MCC 004 & BCHC are working well for me at 12x.

I can’t comment on 16x as the drive is in an external enclosure.

SB is on for known media and WOPC is also on.


Hey, dont hold out on us!

Please tell me your flashing ritual. Short of sacrifacing my :bigsmile: dog on a homemade alter - tell me what needs to be done


Hi :slight_smile:

@ Big_A
Firstly f/w can be got here. A rpc1 version from tdb.

@ et al
This ritual is simply that of using the earliest f/w available in .cvt file format & flashing drive. Then flashing to latest/desired f/w, again with a .cvt file. Then going on third time lucky a final flash using .exe format (this can be official or rpc1/MCSE/both patched.SafeMode can be used but not essential.
In cases where a problem appears with a drive or f/w,(& this is not a recommendation) crossflashing to Philips then back to BenQ make up the first 2 stages. But remember that this Voids your Warranty. SafeMode is advisable here & in the extreme flashing in DOS.


for my 1650, I dont even know how this would be possible.

Since you have a 1650, how would you recommend I go about doing this?? All I see are .exe and starting with BCFC too - no .cvt file!


That’s why I kept BCFC!!! Look this scan


zebadee, forgive me when i have to grin at your “ritual.” :bigsmile: i surely would like to know the reasoning behind it b/c it appears more like some sort of “superstition” lol. do you think that using a CVT file would overwrite a flash area that might not be affected by an EXE version (or vice versa)?

i mean, after all, it’s just about a flash chip being reprogrammed, right?


ps: i’m not questioning your “sanity” – but i’m a “scientific” person lol


[B][off topic][/B].

[B][I]@zebadee and et al[/I][/B].
There are good reasons to questioning this “ritual”… :wink:

I thought, it’s already known that there is no difference between the data sent to drive either if you use a flasher and .cvt firmware or the stock .exe flasher. The data sent to drives memory is the same bit by bit. Thus resulting in drive being basically flashed with a .cvt file.
The only difference I have seen are a more relaxed timings in validating memory data chanks sent to drive when using .exe flasher/firmware.

Now maybe some of you say; prove it. Sure, everybody can check/prove this out, simply by running TraceSPTI while flashing .exe firmware respectively flashing drive with .cvt firmware.
Just add “WinDWFlash” and “CmdFlash” (without quotes) to SptiHook.ini.
For further details check out the TraceSPTI guide in my sig (to which zebadee contributed).

Now everybody can draw their own conclusion about the “ritual”… :slight_smile:
And the many time raised and linked “better or improved” burns when reflashing drive several times are most probably only related to drive quality, good compu setup and high quality media used.

Until somebody proves otherwise, I’m confident in my findings.


Remember guys, there are three versions of MCC 004 in the US, two from Prodisc and one from CMC. I have found the CMC is much better on all my drives, BenQ 1655 included, at 12X. You might try locating that version. The serial starts with PAPA and the case has a taller non-tapering center hub.

This pic is for CDR but shows the case I am referring to.


Great! :stuck_out_tongue: , now there’s even versions of the same disc from one manufacturer. 4 types of MCC004 with the normal batch variations to deal with aswell, lol :smiley:


huh? 3 different versions??? do they all have the same MID (ie. “MCC004”)? if so, how can that be since prodisc and CMC are totally different manufacturers than “mitsubishi chemical corporation” (ie. “MCC”)???

also, verbatim advertises proudly with their good 16x compatibility AND their MCC004 ID (i think i saw it on their website somewhere, but not sure anymore)…

the 16x verbatims i have bought so far all carried “MCC004”, but i still haven’t opened 600 discs – all “made in taiwan”… ~300 have all burned very consistently with great quality (usually @ 12x, just to be on the safe side) with my BenQ 1640. no coasters!



AFAIK Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation/MKM) outsource [B]all[/B] their 16x disc production with MCC MIDs to Prodisc/CMC/MBI and who knows, maybe Ritek in future :wink:

So your ‘Made in Taiwan’ discs maybe either Prodisc or CMC manufactured. You have to check the serial numbers to be able to identify who manufactured the discs.

[B]chas0039[/B] will have to explain how to tell the difference between the 2 Prodisc versions he talks about.


The MCC 004 media ‘Made in Taiwan’ tested by me were made by CMC (serial starts with PAPA). These discs seem to burn better at 8x using my Benq DW1650 and firmware BCHC. I am also going to try burning at 4x and see if the results are better or worse.


Interesting, I’m finding that most of my MBI manufactured MCC004 burn most consistently (PIE/PIF/Jitter) at 8x with SB for Known media=OFF, 12x is close but can be variable after the 4gig point so I prefer to trade slightly higher PIF for more consistent PIE/Jitter.