MCC 003 - What do you say?



Hi to all!

This is my first posting here! I have read some hours here before I decided to buy a Benq 1620 Burner! Thank you for your help! Now I did my first burn and wanted to know if it is o.k.!
Some infos before:
Burner came surprisingly with fw B7S9 out of the box ( I bought it in Austria). I upgraded to B7T9 and Qscan said I cannot burn my Verbatim Datalifeplus (MCC 003) wit 8x, 12x and 16x, only 4x was o.k. Then I downgraded directly to B7P9 and qscan said 8x is o.k., but 12x not.
Nevertheless I tried 12x with the create datadisk option on Nero cdspeed. Then I scanned the disk and came to the following results.
Btw: Burning time was 6:50 with 12x. Is that normal?
Disk brand as mentioned: Verbatim datalifeplus. Made in Taiwan


Qscan is not absolute. Many of us, here, think it might need another revision to be more accurate- especially the smartscan. Smartscan typically contradicts what a full scan at any given speed will say. Anyway, your burn looks good. Your PIEs are VERY low, and your PIFs are all in the green (11 max). Your quality score is 94. The author of CD Speed, Erik Deppe, says anything over 90 is an EXCELLENT burn, and I agree. If you REALLY want to have confidence in your burns (since your new to this drive), run transfer tests, too, and see if they are solid. Welcome


Agreed, that burn is certainly good enough, but I prefer to burn MCC003 at 8x, because at that speed the results are excellent. It only takes a couple minutes extra.


This is certainly not a good burn, although Quality score is 94%. PIE results are good, but that’s not the problem. What is more important are the PIF results.
The clustered PI Failures at 3GB and just past 4GB are not good and can have a negative effect on the playback issues. Burn the disc at 8x and you’ll probably have a great scan and disk without playback issues. Go for quality and not for speed.
Those things don’t go always together. But’s that’s my 2 cents.


The clustered PI Failures are bad at the end but I’d keep the disc personally. It’s still in that passable range I look for with no max PI Failures going over 16 - as long as they don’t go over that mark even with clusters I figure the disc will play back in most dvd players I throw it at. The real test is would that disc play back in stand-alone dvd players or not? That’s the question you really have to ask and check on. :slight_smile:


do a 16X test and see if you still get 90+ score on cdspeed. If yes, i’ll say it’s a keeper.


MCC 003 12X 6:39 mn

Normal I think !