MCC 003 scan result,good or bad?

First burn with 8X using MCC 003.Take a look the result whether is good or bad.
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A quality score of 97%, PI max 18 and jitter max 10,4%. Is this good or bad??. Only a BenQ owner can think like this. LOL. Your burn is very good. But why do you use firmware S9 and burn at 8X? Choose firmware P9 or T9 and MCC003 media should be burned at 12X -----> I get QS > 97, PIF max < 5, PI max < 10, jitter < 10% with MCC003@12x burned with firmware T9. As a BenQ owner: You could do better than that. LOL. But does it matter for the playability of your burned DVD? -----> NO

B7S9 has no advantage over T9 or P9 other than it’s good for the cheap media that is sold over-seas (China I think?) and it disables the WOPC if I remember reading on that firmware correctly. I’d rather have my WOPC enabled and working correctly since it does such an excellent job on the BenQ. As roypalma said, I’d upgrade to T9 (I have seen no advantage over P9 - I think it’s preference and what people have gotten used to more than anything…) and unleash that media to a full 12x write speed. :wink:

And how could you even consider that result as being bad? Even if you ignore the Quality Score altogether the PI Failures is only at 166! That’s awesome! I figure if I’m under 2,000 PI Failures I’m in good shape as long as the max stays under 8-10 or so, any higher than that on the numbers and I get a little nervous if that disc has the longevity to it that I’d like to see. PI Errors are awesome, of course, I’ve seen my burns with 11,000 or 10,000 PI Errors primarily on RicohJPNR01’s burned at 8x but there is nothing at all wrong with 25,574! Your max PI Errors should stay below 280, your well below that and that disc should last a good long time if you store it properly. :wink:

How could we check it got enable WOPC after flash to T9?And why S9 disable this feature?Is it after flash to T9 we got more advantage than P9 and S9?Thanks for answer. :bow: :bow: :bow:

I don’t think there is a way to check persay. I remember reading somewhere that WOPC was disabled in B7S9 and was made strictly for drives sold over-seas more than anything (hence the reason it’s not available on BenQ’s global site along with B7T9) because of the use of cheaper media was so high (media codes like AN31, etc…) and B7S9 handles that media better without the WOPC supposedly. All the firmware on BenQ’s Global Website should have WOPC enabled. :wink:

So Braxas you sure that B7T9 is enable WOPC?If really i going flash it and see what’s the diffrent between S9 and T9.Actually i’m didn’t buy the lousy media but this drive is come with B7S9 and so far everything work fine so i didn’t flash it but after you say S9 is disable WOPC and the most important for me is “Quality” so i going flash it and give it a try.If we already flash to T9 can we flash back to S9 or P9?

Yes, you can always flash back to any fw you want.

Yes, you can go back. The flasher warns you (“firmware is older …”) but otherwise no problem. I already did it once.

I read the same on a page with many different (original/archived and hacked firmwares). Something about S9 being for China where quality media is hard to get so WOPC is turned off to make the cheap media burned better.

T9 is the DW1620pro firmware - at least here in Germany - and I would say WOPC should be turned on in it, as it is a major argument BenQ makes for its writers.

If I find the link to the firmware page, I will post it.


To check if WOPC is enabled ------> burn a disc at max with Nero CD-DVD speed and you will get a graph of the burn speed. The DVD will burn with CAV which will give a “straight speed line” in CD-DVD speed if WOPC is disabled (I think that’s the case with FW S9 and therefore i recommend FW T9). If WOPC is enabled you will see fluctuating burn speed in nero CD-DVD speed (and you will also notice that the 1620 Led change from red to green when WOPC kicks in… To flash back to S9??? or P9 check the FW sticky for BenQ…

Longevity of a DVD does not necessarily correlate to PI errors or PI failures. I think that longevity is determined much more by the physical and chemical attributes of the disc, not to mention handling and storage conditions.

yeah, I too think it would be from the manufacturing process not what drives and how it was burned.

Somewhat true from what I’ve noticed. I haven’t noticed any major defects from my discs burned a year ago. However, discs I’ve recently burnt on cheap Optodisc 4x DVD-R media (Not inkjet printable but that same type of white labeled surface on the top) I’ve noticed aren’t playing back correctly or if data disc aren’t reading in my NEC ND3500AG correctly anymore. I’m taking measures to replace these burns with TY media while I can. :wink: These discs played perfectly or read perfectly originally and the scans were “passable” with high-ish spikes near the end of the disc. Now, the end of the disc is where it’s biting me so those discs are obviously degrading very quickly. Glad it’s only a small batch (relatively speaking) to go through and recover with good media and only time is wasted really. I know I’m glad I checked some of them though after reading a post about inkjet printable type media degrading at a higher rate of speed then regular media or I would’ve been SOL in about 3-4 months probably. :frowning:

Just flash my firmware from S9 to T9,below it’s the result.Using same media (MCC003 burn with 8X speed).Please take a look and compare with S9 firmware see whether it better than S9.
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It is hard to draw conclusions from just one sample each. The total Pi errors and failures are lower with the T9 scan, there is just one little spike of 7 that lowered the quality score. But most seem to agree that there is no reason to use S9 fw except if you want to burn certain low quality media, so I would stay with T9.

So from above result T9 it’s better than S9 right?

Yes, last burn is the best, less PI Failures and PI Errors. Also slightly better Jitter value. You can be happy with such results.

So Braxas what did you think for the result,after i change from S9 to T9?As cor808 say it’s better than S9,less PI Failures and PI Errors and better Jitter value.How about you guys think?
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Lower numbers are better, what else can I say? T9 provided a better burn but the difference is so marginal that it could be going from one disc to the next in the batch with that little variation. The WOPC really comes in to play when burning on lower-grade media. Media with the MCC 003 media code is generally such good quality that it shouldn’t have to “walk” to much to retrain the laser to get a better burn.