MCC 003 Question

Disc’s with media code MCC 003 are Verbatims, right ? Are those disc also produced in 3 different places (India, Taiwan (Prodisc), Taiwan (CMC) ? And MCC 003 is generally good disc, right ? Are there any false MCC 003 I should be aware of ?

Many many faked MCC 003 out on the market so be careful!

For what I know, not all MCC003 discs are made from Verbatim. If you got some MCC003 media with a different brand, there is a good probability that you got some low quality discs :frowning:

I just learnd that they are Made in China. Does that sound like false MCC 003 or do they make those in China ? The discs I’m looking at are blank ones, with mediacode MCC 003.

Never heard of Made in China MCC 003.
Avoid them unless you want something to play with, or nice coasters.…003%20 Lots of makers like to call theirs MCC 003…

Most likely fake. China or Hong Kong = fakes.