which 1st between these manfactured dvd ?
I need to store files on DVD so i’d need most longevous.


Any advice appreciated!

Thanks a lot


I would test both but i mainly use mcc 003 and they have low error rates and good quality (Verbatim uses mainly MCC)
My last Results with kprobe were these:

Date : 09.10.2004 00:56:40
Model : 0-0-2-0 E:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S VS0B
Disc : DVD+R , MCC003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2205784
Sampling count : 123974
Errors : 0
PI Max : 9
PI Average : 0,73
PI Total : 11947
PIF Max : 5
PIF Average : 0,01
PIF Total : 128

When i check earlier BUrn results compared with ricohjpnr02 DIscs its mainly the same low error count so they havent much difference maybe ricoh has some more error in the average count but nothing to complain about.

mmmhh so there is only a light superiroty of MCC ( Verbatim) even if these DVD+R can be considered of same quality sostantially.
Thank you so much for your help


Depends on your drive. The plextors really love the MCC disks. Most drives work well with the Ricohs that I have seen.

Both work great with my 812S@832S, but with a little advantage for RICOHJPNR02.

Hii again,
well i chose to buy a bunch of TY02 8X and then i added 25 Paltinum 8X RICOHJPNR02 instead of verbatim, saving 20€ this way.
I have a plextor712A and i preferred get most TY and then some “minor” brand to save €.
I hope to have made a good deal. Did i ?

Thanks again


I have very high PI with the Platinum R02 either burnt 6X or 8X but fortunately enough the disks scan flawlessly on the Nec 2500A in cdspeed, which the drive only does for really good media.

Should I blame my Liteon 811S or the printable version of the disk ?
I get PI max in the range of 20 though with TY G01 and G02, on the other hand.