MCC.....003 or DAXON...AZ2 Benq DVD+R



Which is better quality? The Daxon cost more than the MCC but not sure which to get since the MCC has just a silvery, transparent label while the Daxon has the Benq label.


Question back is MCC003 comming from verbatim or mitusbishi ?
YES then use MCC003
NO then it’s going to be a tough decision.(manufactureing quality ? vs support ?)

The cheap stuff (Bulkpaq/prodisc and stuff) with MCC code has a big variations in quality but the code is very good supported. Daxon has a smaller variation in quality but the code is less good supported.

So another question what burner are you going to use ?


Are you sure BenQ AZ2 is more expensive than that MCC003? Then that MCC003 must be fake. Fake MCC003 is not good at all.


Well Bulkpaq MCC003 is for me cheaper as Daxon AZ2 media.
So it is possible.
Bulkpaq media is produced CMC/Prodisc and the MCC technology is genuine used however like the price allready suggests the quality is not as good and as consistant as verbatim.(and verbatim/Mitsubishi isn’t consistant these days but there service does fix much and Bulkpaq is no service !!)

So like I said it’s possible.


burner is Benq EW162I. Not sure where the MCC003 is coming from because uncle is buying them. It is in bulk I would presume but Nero CDSpeed says Verbatim. Also this is on the disc: DVD+R 8X L W998 040731. The Daxon is $0.30 if I could find it at future shop. How could I tell if fake?


I wouldn’t trust Bulkpaq, even if they are CMC (which isn’t great to begin with) produced discs with MCC dye. If it were true Verbatims that would be a different story as they are definately very good discs.

As for the AZ2 discs, I wondered about their quality too when I first saw them on special. But they proved to be quite consistent and of surprisingly decent quality (not to mention cheap from FS) discs. IMO they’re a good buy, provided you can actually find them in stock.