Mcc 003 dvd+r 12x verbatim

I was given this media by bought 4x got 12x, wow I was like I must be lucky! boy was I wrong. You will see why this media is not as good as you thought it would be. It’s awful at 4gb as it will not burn well at 8x or higher, speed will drop to 4x all the time. I’ve tried this on nec 2510a at 8x and it coaster at 4gb but it was ok at 4x. This media is retarded, it makes you think its 12x then goes bad on you at 4gb. So why am I complaining abut a media I got dirt cheap? I’m not I’m criticising it.
I have found that quality scan is a waste of time as you would have to do speedtest anyway. It’s not very accurate and often mislead you to think it’s good media when it’s not or it’s bad media when it is not. You cannot tell if it will coaster or not. It is just for fun and nostalgia reasons.

Hmm looks like fake MCC what’s the serial ?
And please only use the name verbatim if it’s branded like that.
Because currently quite some home brands are buying the lower grade stuff straight from some of the licensed manufacturing sites.

I have that media and can burn it at 16x pretty reliably. It’s even better at 12x though. I can post some quality scans when I get home… It got scores in the 90s, as I recall.

hall, you can’t tell quality by it’s media code. It varies from manufacturers which is understandable since all they did was slap a brandname on top of it and try to sell it for more then it’s worth. mcc 003 is 12x media, 004 is 16x. 002 is 8x, 001 4x.

Ooops, mine is MCC004. I brought some of it with me to work one day and just checked it… I’m positive I’ve got some MCC003 though.

If you can’t tell quality by the MID, what can you go by ?? If it’s counterfeit, that doesn’t count. Most people will agree that MCC003, MCC004, or TY G02 is top-notch media. If someone counterfeits and tags it MCC003, does that mean MCC003 sucks now ??

For you it rules, for me it sucks since it’s a fake.

This is real MCC003 - Compare

As darkhaas mentioned, the serial number can be used to tell if it is real or fake.

Btw, those speed figures are not correct. These are the real rated speeds of those discs :

MCC001 = 2.4x
MCC002 = 4x
MCC003 = 8x
MCC004 = 16x

I’m guessing your writer was probably able to overspeed them, hence the higher burning speed.

If you’re complaining about the “store” that sold you this or the fake media, fine. If you’re complaining about MCC003 media, you’re wrong. Just because it’s labeled that, you can’t lump fake pieces of it with real pieces.