MCC 003 8x media?

Hello all,

Well I just bought some DVD+R MCC 003 media which there rated speed is 8x. Now when I start recording at 8x the speed shows 4x then at 20% or so the speed goes at 6x and from 50% point the speed goes at 8x. Is this normal? I thought that when a media is rated at 8x the burning speed is constantly from the start to the end at 8x :(.

Any info?

Yes this is normal takes about 9.30 mins to burn at 8x.

Yep, normal for an nec. Other brands might upshift speed at different percentages of completion (earlier). It’s not that much of a problem since the nec25x0 have a very decent burn quality, so an extra minute isn’t bad at all.

Plextor 708A burns 8x in 8min while the 712A burns 8x in 7:30

thank you all for your replies. so it’s not a media issue. all media rated 8x are burnt this way with my burner.

some 8x media might have different strategies, but in general, yes, all 8x media will be burnt in around the same amount of time, and in this way. those are very nice disks u have bought btw, probably second only to taiyo yuden.

yes i’m very happy with the results for both the media and the drive, having in mind that i upgraded from a sony dru-500a.