Mcafee shredder



I own the latest Mcafee security suite which includes a shredder I have set this at 10 passes how good is it???


I have sold one of my computers and have shredded some important files/documents, will the buyer be able to retrieve them???


Brandon :slight_smile:


install linux on the sold system, allocate the full hard drive to the linux partitions…thats step 1

step 2…boot with a tool like maxblaster…remove that linux and replacve it with 1 big ole fat32 partition…or for fun…2 or 3…

step 3 boot from your systems recovery cd…reinstall the os, and then hand to your friend as good as new…

That’ll make it hard to recover any snarky porn or word documents you may have had lurkning on that hard drive…:slight_smile:


:disagree: 1st thing there is no porn on my pc :disagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

I had alot of registration keys and financial documents that I shredded I just wanted to make sure he could not get access to my accounts :wink:

Thanks for the reply ZigZagMan :wink:


If you have a RAID controller card with own BIOS, connect the hdd to it and format it using the controller bios / software.
Or use some formatting/testing tools from different hdd manufacturer. Avoid low level formatting.


If you are really that concerned about someone attempting data recovery, why don’t you just remove the HDD before selling?


A 10 pass mil spec format: Nobody is getting anything but static from that drive. 10 pass will take along time. hope you got a few days :iagree:

Correct pattern
1 - write first pattern 10101010101
2 - compliment 01010101010
3 - random pattern 11000101100
three passes per pass.


Bkf is 100% right, as usual. After 10 random-pattern re-writes, whose going to be able to find data? Not even an electron microscope! If you’re really worried, try this freeware tool called Eraser. If gives you the option of creating a booting pc-killer floppy. Download it here


@BKF I have shredded alot of files and it only takes a few seconds depending on the size of the file. It says that 7 passes is U.S gov’t standard so it has to be good right?

@brokenburg I am not that badly concerned as I believe Mcafee’s shredder should be good enough to do its job.

@Stroppy Thanks for the link


10 passes is way over kill but if it makes a user feel warm and fuzzy go for it. Ill never understand what could be on a personal pc that is just so important but hey if it works do it :doh: You said you had records you did not want others to access. Trouble is those records are easy to look at while the drive in on-line. And no your not a bank or the pentagon and their stuff gets hacked all the time. Just burn the thing and you never have to worry what somebody might get, rather worry what they got allready.

ps if it only takes a few seconds, it ain’t doing it’s job overwriting data. Writing can take hours. Blowing away a fat table takes seconds and a simple debugger can change the fat table back to all “1’s” real fast.


Not all pc owners use there pc for games and internet :stuck_out_tongue:

I did say depending on the size of the file




Thankyou to all. :bow:


You’re welcome…this is a great program, and free. Hope it works for you. :smiley: