McAfee not helping! I think I have a Trojan

My internet explorer keeps crashing out of no where and sometimes I get a box that says run time error. I saw that McAfee found this Trojan and said it removed it…bu then like 5 minutes later it said the same thing. I can’t find it and I don’t want to re boot my laptop. I just want to locate the trojan and remove it…PLEASE HELP!

a few years ago i had an infection and found this guide which got rid of it. also i learned alot about viruses and adware in the process.

I tried to use the program but it keeps freezing…I dont know what to do now.

all three links?

You can also try the free versions of AVG or Avast!, both very good anti-virus programs.

If you can stay on long enough try downloading Trojan Remover from Simply Software or something like that and run it, it has a free trial I think

No one of them worked…I just got done doing it. Windows care worked but Im not sure if it did or didn’t get rid of the problem. Gonna have to check and see. I will let you know as soon as I know. Thank you for the help regardless if it did or didnt clear up. Hopefully it did though.

Thank you very much everyone. I think everything is good now. Seems to be workin just perfectly. Thank you Troy512 for the help it was one of those links that got me back on track! Thanks for the help also Jimbo and kcomfz.:bow:

i take a few simple steps to prevent my system getting infected.

  1. firefox with noscript.

this way nothing will run through your browser without you allowing it.

  1. zonealarms free firewall

no connections will come in or out with out you allowing it.

  1. avast! 4 Home anti-virus

free, very easy to setup, no hassle, consistently updated

  1. virus total online scanner

if i download something and avast doesnt find something but i am still unsure about opening it.

[QUOTE=kcomfz;2085071]You can also try the free versions of AVG or Avast!, both very good anti-virus programs.[/QUOTE]

i use AVG free myself and overall it’s pretty good but it does seem a little sensitive and probably detects stuff that’s not a virus/trojan etc (i.e. False Positives)

overall though it’s pretty good and it beats paying 30-50dollars+ for a AV program.

if i had to ‘buy’ one though i would most likely go with NOD32 as that was great but price sorta killed it in a way.

Find yourself a new anti-virus software as McAfee is no good.

The poster waseven nice enough to extend a Thank You to those who had offered help.
Very curtious!
As was mentioned, a third party firewall is also a good idea on a windows machine.
Good luck.