MC360 Revision 1039 for XBMC Pre-2.1 (29.11.07)

About MC360:

MC360 is a GUI skin for XBMC, XBOX MEDIA CENTER is a homebrew application for a modded XBOX 1,
it is in no way useable on an Xbox 360.

MC360, ‘Media Center 360’, is the first creation from Team Blackbolt. Taking the outstanding look
and design of the Xbox 360 dashboard, and bringing it to Xbox Media Center. It has taken a long time to
create and we feel that it is something special. It is the first skin to use all the new features the
2.1 version of XBMC has to offer.

Noteable Features:

  • True Xbox 360 Dashboard reproduction. Using complex animations to enhance experience.
  • Widescreen 16x9 & Fullscreen 4:3 Supported.
  • 720p, 1080i HD Resolutions Supported (Xbox Component/VGA Cable Required).
  • Use Custom Themes, easily created within the skin. Comes with 3 Default Themes: Default, Glass & Carbon.
  • Use your real Xbox Live Gamercard , or use a custom setup, with your own picture and settings.
  • Game Saves Manager Found in the Games Blade. Download saves and delete old saves.
  • XBMC Live Place - Download Trainers, Themes, Scripts & Watch Internet Movies. Available in the XBMC Live Blade.
  • New System (Settings) Blade Layout, File Manager can now be found in the System - Memory Window.
  • New Filemanager, uses single list method, press LEFT or RIGHT to switch from Source to Destination.
  • Gamercard Autoupdate. If you set an tag, it updates its information upon skin startup.
  • Update notification, if a new version of MC360 is available online, you will be told if connected to the internet.
  • All update notification upon startup can be disabled from the appropriate settings blades.
  • Font Colours in Skin. Go to MC360 Guide (start button)\Personal settings\Customize Theme\Font Colours,
    you can select from a a few pre-made selections or add you own to the ‘\skin\MC360\extras\SampleColorThemes’
    folder in the form of a simple txt file saved as a ‘.cof’ file.
  • Modchip LCD Support.

How to Install to XBMC:

Copy the MC360 folder that is found in the zip file to your XBMC/skin/ directory.
This folder is different depending where you installed to. When you have copied it
over boot up Xbox Media Center and go to the Appearance Options, Choose the MC360
skin and leave it for a second,XBMC will reload with the new skin activated.
Now you can select from the Custom Themes using the Theme chooser.

Upgrading previous MC360 versions to a newer one:

Do NOT overwrite MC360, many files change and leaving old files will result in adverse
effects. Make sure you fully delete your MC360 folder from XBMC/Skins/ and then upload
the new one found in this readme. You can do this by changing your skin to the default
skin, PM3, and then FTP to your xbox, delete the MC360 folder and replace it with the
new version.