Mc003: difference between shiny top vs non-shiny top



I’m a nec3520a user and just wanted to know if their are any burn quality differences between the mc003:

1)DVD+R 4.7GB 8X DataLifePlus Shiny Silver


2)Verbatim 4.7GB/8X DVD+R

what are the differences anyway???


It’s hard to say without actually trying them. It can depend on where they are made and even sometimes the batch. I’ve been using the 2nd type in you list above and they have just kept getting better and better. My latest batch (made in taiwan) are very good, but in the past the ones made in singapore have been even better. Also the type that I have have an extra label that says they can work up to 12x in some writers, so I guess these are the better ones. If there’s not much difference in the price I would go for the 2nd in your list, especially if they have the 12x label.


Ive just started using Verbatim +R 8x this particular batch is made in taiwan and i can honestly say they are the best discs ive ever used :slight_smile:


hmmm, the taiwan verbatim disks must be getting better.

My batch burns great at 8x, but doesn’t burn well at 12x speed.


I stick to 8X. These seem to be made by three manufacturers; the ones I have from Prodics seem to be very good with the 3520.


The latest ones I have is made by prodisc - and is the best MCC003 I’ve ever had. Sometimes they are also made by moser baer india which is not so good, although not bad of course.


Who are you trying to confuse? :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, I understand what you mean, but others might not…
MoserBaer manufactured MCC003 is not quite as good as CMC or Prodisc manufactured MCC003, but still very acceptable quality and can still be considered good media.