Mc Donalds, or Burger king?

umm, where the hell did my poll go? :confused:

Maybe someone ate it.

LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: :bow: :bow:

hehe, but seriously, i had a poll all worked out, but it didn’t work :confused:

Added a poll for ya.

Burger King is the better fast food when compared to the crap McDonalds serves.
I kinda like the McD’s Big Tasty though.

Here in austria Burger Kings are only in “bigger cities” and McDonalds is in every third city and so i go to Mc more often

here in italy there is a lot of McDonalds, and very rare burger king.

i used to eat at McDonalds, it was ok, and once i tried burger king, i felt they are less quality, not ordered, not a very good taste. so between these 2, i saw Mcdonalds is better.

but anyway, i hate mcdonalds now… i try to stay away from it and eat more healthy, less grass food.

OMG if I lived in Italy I couldn’t imagine eating at a McDonalds or Burger King. I love Italian food. It’s scumpdillyumptious :slight_smile: I want a Pizza Margarite from Naples right now!!! :sad:


No Burger King around here.

first i am not italian, i only live here…
seconds i said i used to eat at Mcdonalds, and now no… because most of the time i eat either in the university restaurent (pasta + other things), and the rest of the times pizza :cool:

pizza is much better than mcdonalds…

In-N-Out burger pwns.

If BK’s so good, why did they change 9 CEOs in the past 11 years? Oh that’s right, they all die from eatting BK food.

I like Jack In the Box fries, but that’s it. I get my burgers from this place called Nations. They serve rarely cooked burger, chilly dog, and apple pie.

We all have to be somewhere and you are in a good spot that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

Pasta - Yummy! :iagree:

Where i live there one is never more than 5 min from a mcdonalds. Although mcdonalds is cheaper, BK tastes better.
P.S…for those who have had taco john’s :bow: (u.s. only :stuck_out_tongue: ) you know what the real deal is…far better than taco (b)hell :a
Pizza is ALWAYS a good standby :slight_smile:

Since there’s no Burger king around here I vote mcdonalds. But I should vote other since the pizza-place is just across the road. And I like Pingvins (local place) hamburgers better. But I usually end up on McD anyways when I need something in a hurry. Thats what they are for…

Pingvin = penguin

McDonald’s french fries is the best so I voted for McDonalds. Man, this poll is making me hungry!


I <3 the Whopper and the fries at BK.

That’s a easy question: BK is for people who like food, McD is for those who rather eat plastics. So yes I prefer BK.