MBIPG101R05 or RITEK R05 or CMC MAG M01 any good?

hi, i’ve been using verbatim dvd+r for a long while now norm use YUDEN000T03 but some times mcc004 but just lately i’ve found the quality to be getting worse i’ve never used MBIPG101R05 or RITEK R05 or CMC MAG M01 before are any of these any good or should i stick to verbatiam cause i dont any discs like ritek g05 where they wont be readable after a very short while
any advice would be great…

any one got any advice?

Stick to Verbatim.

MBI: can burn well with some drives, but some batches of media are sub-par, and may degrade faster than average over time [usually more slowly than RITEKG05, though]. However, when you have a good batch, it’s really good.

RITEK R05: the sibling to RICOHJPN R03. Even with that being the case, it’s still more variable than Ricoh, and isn’t supported as well as Ricoh in most drives.

CMC MAG M01: no degradation issues really known, but the initial burn quality usually isn’t the best. These don’t work so well when using finicky drives/devices to read them, but can be OK for day-to-day copies between computers with good drives.

With all that said, you can try out a little bit of each and see if any of them work for you. There are always exceptions to “rules”. :wink:

thanks for the advice i fancy tring some MBIPG101R05 or some CMC MAG M01 which are best makes to get for these for grade a dye?
are Imation dvd+r any good for MBIPG101R05 dye?

First, let me just remind you that the media code is an identifier for a whole make and model of a disc, not just the dye. [You can impress your friends with that knowledge ;)].

If you know how to interpret media quality scans, you can see which brands are good for a given make and model of disc by looking in the Blank DVD Media Tests forum. To save you time, the thread for CMC DVD+R: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f76/cmc-dvd-r-85868/; the thread for MBI: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f76/moser-baer-india-dvd-r-83179/

I suggest starting at the end of the threads/the newest posts in the threads, as that is where you will most likely find the test of 16x models, and [usually] the posts say how the disc was branded. You may be able to see if Imation is good enough for MBI.

RITEKR05 is quite drive and setting dependant, but it can work very good.
CMC MAG M01 seems to have some compatability isues. Initial scans can be ok. Hmm don’t know if it still counts seeing HP prices dropping rapidly, but in the pas HP most time had better then average media with CMC code.
MBIPG101R05 not much experience with them yet. I do know that Imation made in India for +R can cary MBIPG101R05 as well as MCC004 on occasions. For -R it can be both MBIL codes or the MITSUBISHI 16x DVD-R MID.