Mbipg101r04 & mcc004



I am getting better disc quality results with MBIPG101R04 (sold as TDK) than MCC004 (Made in Taiwan). Is this normal?


Don’t just go by the quality score that is only given by looking at PIFs and not the whole scan, look at the jaggedness (is there actually such a word) of the read speed line and the jitter is worse than on the MCC004. Also going by the speed it had to read the MBI disc slower than the MCC. Do a transfere rate test in bench mark tab and see what sort of curve you get.


You are 100% correct, sometimes a Transfer read test can tell you more than a Quality scan. Also, check out the jitter on the MBI scan vs the jitter on the MCC004 scan.


This is caused by heavy background activity. :wink: - the reading curve in a PIE/PIF test is not affected whatsoever by disc quality AFAIK. Oh one exception: if PIF errors really get in the stratosphere, sometimes the drives does slow down, but it’s a totally different case than what we see here.

[B]@kyrcy[/B]: The MCC004 burn looks like if the disc was scratched, or have dye defects, or specks of dust. It’s still a “good” burn, though.

About the MBI, you should re-scan this disc and make sure you have only moderate background activity while scanning it (avoid virus scanning, HD defrag software etc…) :wink:

Now about your original question, if it’s “normal” to have better results with the TDK-branded MBIPG101 R04 than with MCC004, the only thing I can say is that these TDK discs are among the very best discs available at the moment, and I’m not surprised that they [I]could [/I]outclass MCC discs, depending on MCC batches and the burner used. :iagree:

Are your MCC004 discs Verbatim-branded, BTW?

Also, were these discs burnt in the Benq, and at what speed?


You mean like the PIF errors in this scan? http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1275992&postcount=154

I have learnt from the wise words of the people here, that the disc is only one part of making a good burn, the others being drive and firmware. Therefore as Franck said it could be perfectly normal for you to have better results with one type of disc even though some hold MCC0004, especially Verb branded, as close second to TY discs.


The MCC004 discs are Verbatim branded and were burned in a PIONEER DVR-108.


Firmware? Burning speed? :slight_smile:


1.20 @ 8x