Mbipg101 r10 dl


This is my first burn with this media. They are bought in Greece under TDK brand (8x speed). I can’t call this burn bad, indeed, I think it is very good burn for DL, and maybe the best handeled layer break I saw until now. Big PIF spike is caused by the dust.

It was burned on LG H62N @4x.

Anybody used this media before?

hmm MBI’s own dl code. You don’t see that often. Mostly they opt for the ricoh code for compatability reasons.
From the above data I think that the media itself is actually in quite good shape, but that the support makes things a bit worse when it comes to the scans.

Kodak is using this media code now (MBIPG101-R10-65).

I’ve had hit & miss experiences with it, but Kodak’s COO for Media Products advises that the problem (with some exceptions) appears to be a write strategy issue with the burner firmware (ASUS flashed to LiteOn).