MBIPG101 R05: Can I Trust This Media?

So, I’ve never done India media before, just read about other people’s experiences. I had a 25-pack of 16x MII Imations sitting around, and decided to crack them open. The burn didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought, in fact, it’s decent. Now, the question is, what about longevity? Can I trust R05s? I’ve seen some posts about certain kinds of MBI degrading, and wanted to know whether the 16x +Rs fell into that category.

Looks fine to me, I would say thats a pretty good batch for MII media, but don’t take my word as fact, maybe Dragemester or Arachne will chime in here.:iagree:

The scan is very good, but you cannot infer anything about longevity from scans at a single point in time.

I don’t have any personal experience with this media, so I cannot comment on how well it will last.

I got some Dvd+R Mmore 16x burned @ 16x with samsung sh-182m:

Pretty good IMO, also i trust on Mmore, before MBI’s they were MCC004 :smiley:

Sorry can’t help but the scan does look quite nice.

What you can do (if you haven’t) is look at the disc itself and do the cracking test and generally look the discs over to see if they’re poorly bonded, have air bubbles etc. Cracking test for me is getting the centre hub and then placing my thumbs close the the hole and giving the disc a bit of a bend just to see if the middle comes apart at all.

Some of my MCC03RG20 have gaps and make noise when I do this… so it may be a warning sign.

Another scan:

[QUOTE=negritude;2017242]More scans:[/QUOTE]

Nice Burn negritude :clap:
It is beter than my New Verb :iagree: