Mbipg101 R04

looking for made in india moser baer. these were TDK x8 +R.
would any one know under what brand they are sold now?

I got these at Futures [DVD+R:MBIPG101-R04-001]
They were a Memorex 25 pack, 8x that they sold because of no 4x they had advertised.
$9.99 cdn for the pack.
The ones made in Taiwan that I checked were [DVD+R:CMC MAG-E01-000]

The only difference in the wrapper around the pack that I could see is the made in India vs Taiwan.
The cake box is different too, the CMC had a large bottom lip, that the top fits down into.
They don’t stack well together.
This means my wall of shame keeps falling over (just kidding) :slight_smile:

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The only MBIPG101 R04’s I’ve bought recently were “Staples” and “Office Max” own branded 8x +R’s.

thanks ninbang & Achant, my searches did not bring up this link…
i suspected that memorex was the one that might be selling these.
now we just need to see if their longevity is as good as the initial scans.
if so, we freakers may need to reevaluate our opinions of “made in india”
and also (here it comes, take a deep breath) memorex media… :slight_smile: