MBIPG101 R04 differencies

Hello! I don’t get same (excellent) results with this (Imation) DVD+R 8x anymore.
So I find some differencies:

First media (which was excellent, like TY) have batch code DVRPLUS8XOPF and black serial numbers in center of the disc.

Second media (lower quality) have batch code DVDPLUSR8X and transparent serial numbers in center of the disc. (Maybe it is something like value line…)

Last time I bought this discs, I see that they again have black serials on center of the disc, but batch code is same (DVDPLUSR8X)

Did anyone else notice this, and please, tell me what kind of brands do You have and post some scans.

First, I want to notice that I don’t think that 2nd scan is bad, but I can never get results like I did with first media…

Here is my scans:

Hmm interesting point about the stamper. I have to check my ricoh’s compared to the other MBIL disc’s I have when I get home.

I have bought some Imation in Germany and they have black serials
in the center of the disc! they have batch code dvdplusr8x
I think the scans are ok but not as good like your first scan!
Burner is a Pioneer 109 8.58

Moser Baer has different production lines or quality grades. MBIPG101 R04 is known for having at least two different quality grades.
While TDK and Imation MBIPG101 R04 are said to be high quality, Ricoh Silver Edition R04 is very low quality media.

The black/transparent serial numbers make me think whether MBI really has two production lines. I’ve seen media with black (Imation, Verbatim) and transparent (TDK!!) hub codes too.

My personal R04 experiences were not good at all, the TDK MBIPG101 R04 turned virtually unreadable, and Imation MBIPG101 R04 wasn’t really impressive either.
Maybe I just had bad luck with my burners though, haven’t tried any R04 with any decent non-slim burner in the last months!

The TDK and Imation varieties burn well in both my LGs (4163 and 4167).

I believe Francksoy had a thread about the Ricoh ones.

Tip of the day: [B]Advanced Search[/B] is your friend. :slight_smile:

Here’s how I searched: [[B]Advanced Search[/B] for ‘MBIPG101 R04 Ricoh’ by Francksoy](http://club.cdfreaks.com/search.php?query=MBIPG101 R04 Ricoh&searchuser=Francksoy&starteronly=1&exactname=1&showposts=0)

And this is the thread I found:

Warning: RICOH-branded MBIPG101 R04 (+R 8X) - fast degradation

Hmm just like I thought.

DVRPLUS8XOPF is on my Philips disc’s. (black serial) -> Excellent burns fine on any drive

DVDPLUSR8X is on my ricoh’s (black serial) -> good burns with solid burn on my philips with other drives it’s problems !

Thanks Drage :slight_smile: - I use Advanced Search a lot of the time, but in this case I was just too lazy :bigsmile: