MBIPG101 R04 degradation questions



BTW, somebody here had problems with MBIPG101 R04 degradation? Was the problem serious?


[B]Francksoy [/B]had bad experience with Ricoh Silver Edition MBIPG101 R04 (stability problems), but MBIPG101 R04 under other brands (TDK, Imation?) seems to be fine.

I also like TDK MBIPG101 R04 because it was affordable and good media. :slight_smile:


stability problems = degradation, or variable quality between the disks, or something else?


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Variation between discs are consistency problems, so it is degradation :slight_smile:


OK one more time…

Everyone on this boards who knows me well, knows that I re-scan like mad and that I have an ever-growing personal database (683 discs enrolled up to this day) to help me check the stability of the media I use.

I’ve used hundreds of TDK and Imation-branded MBI PG101R04, and all these appear 100% stable. Consistency was not perfect with the Imation-branded ones, i.e. some discs (< 2%) were defective (very small black spots in the dye :confused: ) and produced failed burns, though any successful burn gave me great results both in terms of PIE/PIF scans and real-world use.

BUT… I tried a pack of Ricoh silver edition with this same MID, and these discs were not only very variable in quality from disc to disc, but several of them also showed fast degradation, with doubled PIE values in less than 3 months. Comparable to Ritek G04/G05.

Overall, I consider MBI PG101R04 as a great MID, but it seems that consistency is not guaranteed under all brands, and of course I don’t recommend the Ricoh ones.

I don’t think that TDK sells R04s anymore, and it’s a pity as these were fantastic discs, easily on par with the best of Verbatim and TY. I still have a huge stock of the Imation-branded ones, and despite the (thankfully very scarse) defective discs with the dark spots, they’re among my favorite discs.


Thank you very much!
Well, I hope Mirex-branded R04 won’t show such degradation.


^Lucky guys.
MBI 8X +R media is just not in stock anywhere here…I’ve looked all over Bombay and Delhi.
Oh well, Mitsubishi discs are finally showing up here. Good alternative, I suppose.


Here is one of mine MBI’s. All my Imation discs looks like this:


Also, look here:



Hey, [B]zivija[/B], were you aiming to answer my question or just to tease [B]Bhairav[/B] a bit? :wink: :bigsmile:

Anyway, thank you! Great scans!


Actually it’s the same here…
I can get MBI’s 16x media (Imation or SONY) but the 8x tasted better.

Ordering online is a bit of a crapshoot with 8x CMC and MBI media, and they just cannot be found under reputable brands here anymore. :frowning:

At least there’s still Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim :slight_smile:


I’ve still got half a 50 cakebox of Imation 8x and a few TDK 8x ones. They burn very well on LG drives from what I’ve noticed. :slight_smile:


He-he, now [B]I[/B] have to say: LUCKY GUYS! :bigsmile:



You can still get HP branded 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) from SVP [link].


Sorry for asking. But can you remember the used drives for the RICOH disc’s ?
Any Benq/Philips models involved ?


Don’t be sorry for asking. :flower:

Yes, Benq 1650 mostly. I tried SB ON or OFF with the 1650, lower writing speeds, NEC 4550 @4X and @8X, all with very mixed results… and I found no apparent correlation between the burning method and the results or the degradation rate. :rolleyes:


Thanks for the info.


Yep, tried some on the 4163 and the H10. Good burns.

@zivija - nice scans!