MBI DVD+R the equal of TY MCC?

I have burnt some MBI 8x DVD+R discs and have been very surprised by the burn quality of these discs. They appear to burn as good as MCC and TY and well above the likes of CMC, Prodisc etc.
Have many other peeps found this as well?

I have same experience with MBI. I burned many Imation DVD+R 8x which are MBI, but I have found difference in two spindles… First one have black numbers on the ring and other have transparent numbers. These discs with black serial numbers burn better for me. I don’t say that second spindle is bad, but first is better. Anyway, I have some one year old MBI’s and they didn’t degrade…

MBI’s bad reputation is partly because they were virtually unsupported in the earlier days. But nowadays it should be fine. Stability is excellent, so MBI discs are an excellent choice as an everyday disc.
There is quite some variation though, imation MBIs show different characteristics from TDK MBIs, but they will work fine with SolidBurn on. :wink:

My MBI discs are still going strong after two years. Very good indeed.

I like MBI discs a lot (or my burners do). Both Imation branded and TDK branded seem to be holding up well (two years, in the case of the TDKs).

The MBI (TDK) CDRs that I use seem to be pretty good, too.

both of my BenQs (1640 BSPB and 1655 BSHB) love MBIPG101 R04 discs. I generally only buy the Imation branded because those are the only ones that I’m sure of the media code.

they are my second choice after TY (yes even before MCC!)

I get identical burns with these and with Sony branded TY media that I buy. I stick with TY for the reputation, but if I ever see an Imation sale I stock up on those as well!

The ones I’ve got are as good as Mitsubishi media but not as good as Taiyo Yuden.

Pioneer likes this media [MBIPG101 R04] the most.

#1 BenQ DW1655 at 8x.
#2 Pioneer DVR-110 at 12x [overspeed with MCC 004 strategy].
#3 Plextor PX-716A at 8x.

i also have Imation MBI,
if they go on big sale, it’s really worth buying

here in india, we get MBI’s own branded product Moser Baer PRO+ (Protection Plus). All CDs and DVDs under this line of prod. have excellent build qualty. The CDs have shown no errors even after 3 years. And they claim that they have an additional layer between metallic printing layer and lacquer. Certainly best (for India; coz we DONT GET TY/VERBATIM here) http://www.moserbaer.com


They will work okay for some, but better than MCC or TY? Not even close.

But the proof is in the pudding. From what I have seen they perform in the similar fashion to TY and MCC. I am talking plus media and not minus here.

Well I need to ask this.How many of you here are posting are from India or some neighbouring country nearby?From what I know the media that we get differs from one continent to another.

In East Asia, in countries like Japan,Taiwan,China and Singapore MBI discs are so rare that they are like one in a thousand.Japan, China and Taiwan which I came to know recently retain their best quality batches within their country while the excess are exported to first world countries like the US and UK because they could fetch high prices there.It sounds selfish but it’s true.

Generally when you hear that if some product originates from China, one would have the impression that their quality sucks.But in reality the top of the line first grade products that are made in China today are retained for domestic use.Do you know that?

Ive got some MBI R05 16x media Imation branded.

Its not exactly the best media in the world certainly not for movies. Does the job though for data.

Not as good as R04 by a long shot. Performs best at 16x though as it seems to lower the PIF, PIE and Jitter.

1st: LG 4167b DL13 16x
2nd: BenQ 1620 B7W9 WOPC ON 12x
3rd: LG 4167b DL13 12x

from india