Mbi 01rg40




Simple question, are the 01rg40 is good?
Any data loss after some time or something like that on them?
I can get them for a good price (white ink or white termal) so no brand name, just MBI.
Some numbers:
7282 549 -R E C 3535

is this real MBI or faked?
Whats your advice about 'em?


This does look like real MBI (stamper and hub code). If I remember correctly, they are made with Mitsubishi Azo dye and are quite similar to MCC 03RG20. However, not all drives like them, and it’s unbranded so it’s not really clear what kind of quality you can get.

When it comes to stability, most MBI DVD media should be ok, however there were reports of B-grade MBIPG101 R04 (8x +R sold as Ricoh Silver) degrading.

I believe these discs are ok for replication, similar to Ritek’s 16x or CMC media. But when in doubt, I would look for Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, they will never disappoint in terms of compatibility. :slight_smile: