Mb numbers skyrocketing on my multi sessions



Hi people ,
I am backing up everytime that I create any new files in word documents
I am using mitsui gold archival cr-r with nero software (express 6.0 the bare bones version) I access burn image , data disc and have multisession ticked,at the first session there was 225 mb …I just did my second session to back up the “my favorites” IE list 3 new favorites files + 6 tiny new files word docs and also a folder with six subfolders in it with quite a few files in each folder but I had added two new files maybe 15 kb’s to one of the six folders I clicked add and a window asked me Quote:“ the folder already contains a folder named my favorites would you like to replace existing folders with four options to choose from yes- yes to all- no –close
I always click yes to all , …
then finished , next, and I check if multi. and
verify are ticked and click burn … …
My question is I wonder why the mb number jumped from 226 mb the first session to to 299 mb the second session with only 317 mb’s left on the cd r ?
Just adding about 6 very tiny files 300 kb’s at the most on the disc should come to 73 mb’s or should it ?
Just a few new favorites to list , that’s real tiny and half dozen tiny files into folders
I figure not even one mb all together
Does the table of contents put that much (73) mb’s on on each session ?
Should I starting using dvd’s from now on at this rate the cd r will be filled up 317 left ?
Or could I use cd r and span them so the second disc starts up where the first disc leaves off ? I do not want to use cd rw ‘s I heard that they are not reliable cuz the inCD technology in Nero has problems…


I just did another backup , I discovered that I have to backup each individual folder seperately ( ctrl and highlight ) does not work anyway I went from 299 mb on disk 317left on disc to 411 mb on disk with 191 mb left on disk .just backing up only new files that should not amount to even one or two mbs , I wonder whats going on with the cdr multisession ( folder already exists containing — would you like to replace existing folders … Yes , yes to all , no , close


What you should do is drag only the files you want to back up into the directory (folder in Windoze-speak) on the disc, not the whole directory. The way you do it, it appears that the whole directory is rewritten from scratch, including the files you backed up earlier. Hence the space loss.


The leadout adds 20Mb at least, even if you only add a 1KB file, each time you do it.