MB Asus with nVIDIA nFORCE2


I would like to buy a new computer. The main purpose I would to use it for, is recording a bunch of old tapes (house, trance from Belgian DJ’s 1994-2000) so I can burn them on a CD-R.

A lot of people on the net say that the Asus motherboard A7N8x, with the nForce2 Audio Processing Unit and Soundstorm AC-3 Encoder is a very good MB. But most of the people use there PC for games ! Can anyone give his opinion on this MB especially for audio applications ? I have my doubts on a chipset already on the MB (for audio). Do you have better results if you buy another MB (cheaper), but with a very good soundcard. I believe Soundblaster isn’t that good as they say it is …

The ASUS MB is made for Athlon XP CPU’s. Can someone provide me information on what type of memory I have to use and other things that can make my computer a hell of a machine.
I can buy the ASUS MB for 186,86 $.

Thanks in advance

It uses DDR memory, you can get it in many flavours (266Hmz to 400Mhz) but the leap between the two is not as great as one may think.
The ideal would be a AMD Barton (333Hmz FSB) coupled with PC2700 (333Mhz) RAM because they would be running synchronous unlike a 266/400Mhz solution.

As for the sound I can only say you get what you pay for. Even though the Soundstorm is good for a integrated controller, a really good soundcard is 10 times better.
But a really good soundcard also costs 10 times more than the Soundstorm :slight_smile: