Mazinkaiser Pal - Italian

When i insert this dvd anydvd quits.
I think it’s protected with a new version of arcoos or similar, if i try to copy the dvd with others programs like dvd decrypter or region free the audio is very crap.
(Sorry for bad english)

Have you tried this:

Tnx , i tried and now the program works but the protection remains :sad: :sad: , the audio is very slow in the copy…

Please post the AnyDVD information window.

The information window says that there’s no structure protection but dvd decrypter writes:
21:42:12 Possible Structure Protection Found!
21:42:12 1 area has been marked as ‘suspect’.
21:42:12 Dummy sectors will be inserted where necessary.
The result is the same, the audio is slow.

What do you mean with the Audio is slow? Does the DVD play correctly on your PC while AnyDVD is enabled?