Mazda CD players?

I am a newbie to CD burning but I’m having an odd problem I think. The CD’s I’ve made (with Nero) work just fine in all CD players BUT the one in my car. Even an old radio in my office plays them fine. I put it down to 1x, I make sure it’s finalizing the CD, and I’m using Maxwell CD-R’s, not CD-RW’s, spefically for Audio. What my car is doing is making a lot of noise when I put the CD in while it tries to find the track, it DOES see how many are on the CD at first though. The 1x speed is the only one that it will find the track on at all, after some time, but if you try to forward to another track, it takes a very, very long time to look for it (I’ve even waited 10 mins and it still hadn’t found it at one point!).

My car is a 1999 Mazda Protege, and the player is what came with it.


Well, there are a few things that could be the cause of this prob.
1st of all it can be your writer. Which writer do you use? In my experiance a Plextor burns far better then (fe) a HP. But most newer drives like the Lite-On will give you simular quality.

Then there is the brand of CDR’s you use. This also makes allot of difference. Try another brand. My Pioneer Hifi-set will only play CDR’s from the brand Lenco. Any other won’t play on it. I had a Sony Car CD-changer which did some brands, other not. Now I own a Aiwa Car MP3-cdplayer which plays anything, even CDRW’s.

Another thing is the reader. So in this case your caraudio. Has there ever played a CDR in it?

We’ll be hearing from you…

Thanks! I kind of wondered about the CD-R’s being the problem. I have had one that ran fine in the car that was made with the same program, different CD’s, but a friend previously. I think I’ll try finding that kind of CD-R’s and give it another go.

Thanks again!

it happend to a friend of mine
try using verbatim cds
worked for him

The more they cost, the more likely they are to work.

I have a very high end ONKYO DVD Changer in my home theater setup. It will only play audio from SONY media which costs like $2.50 per disk.

So I keep a few of those on hand always.

Also, try making sure you aren’t burning Mpeg layer 3 files and trying to play them. A cd reader will pop if it is unable to decode MP3.,


Originally posted by TheCiscoKid
[B]The more they cost, the more likely they are to work.

I have a very high end ONKYO DVD Changer in my home theater setup. It will only play audio from SONY media which costs like $2.50 per disk.

–Cisco [/B]

Well, that isn’t completely true. I use Platinum CDR’s which are probably to cheapest there are (< €50,-/100pcs with JewelCase) and I write them with my Plex2410a.
What I want to say, is that’s it’s the combination. If you have a very good burner (Plextor/LiteOn/…)but your CDR’s aren’t that good, you still got a good change they will still work everywhere. But when you use a not that good writer with very good CDR’s you will not burn any better then the drive can do.

Like you said yourself, your ONKYO (probably expensive) only excepts the more expensive SONY CDR’s. The quality of your ONKYO is probably very good, but even while it’s expensive it cannot handle all types of CDR’s. (ask your self what is good, my Aiwa works with any type of CDR)

agreed. And not necessarily saying that only high $$$ CDR is good CDR. Just that most often switching to a higher quality media can dispel the read problems experienced with cheap media.


the best cd-rs to get are the commercail discs manufactured by KHypernedia… they work really good and they have goiod quality and are best for full 80 min recordings and last the longest and have superior error resistance and don’t get scratched as easy as memorex discs… and they work in about any cd player!!!

they cost 9 dollars are j and r and 9.99 at wal mart… but they are under the teon brand if you buy them from wal mart but if you look at the box carefully you cna see they are made by KHypermedia.