Mazda car, with Kendwood MP3 player

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ – Mazda North American Operations today treated guests and media to the world debut of the world’s first factory- installed in-dash MP3-capable…

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Lets hope this sets a trend. In-Car MP3 players should have become mainstream ages ago. It’s the prefect format.
Either with removable hard-disks (diddy laptop ones maybe?) or with a CD-player that can read a standard burt disc. It’s be goddamn superb. Like having a radio-station in your car that only plays the stuff you like. Gimmi-Gimmi !!!

Now thats a wise decission!!
hope it will be a standard now

I bet you the RIAA probably will try to sue Mazda for this… =F

There is a radio system already being tested that will play the format you want all of the time and in the US you will be able to drive across country and “never” lose that station, only problem that I see is that it will be fee based

AIWA MP3 car audio player

I’ve had the SONY C5000RX for a while now, and it is also CD-RW compatible. As are all recent SONY cd-players. :slight_smile:

what’s next a mazda with NAPSTER???

I already have the Kenwood Z919 and it kicks ass!!! It’s also CDRW compatible too. No need for MD or CD Changer with this puppy!!!