Maybe this will help [ 100% with 716A

This may help some of you…

]I have noticed that when i put a blank cd or dvd in the 716A [1.04]

Unless I wait about 20 seconds or so for all the lights to stop blinking,
[pc and burner] it sometimes will say there is no media to read…

I am using verbatim 16x +r and again,
if I put in a blank media, and don’t wait a bit, it either doesn’t recognize the media OR when I check write speed, 16x doesn’t show up… there fore I would end up writing at 2,200 kb’s…
Finally realized not to be in a big hurry to click on nero or plextools until the system stops all the blinking.

the 2nd thing I do is open the write speed box [where usually the word MAXIMUM is shown, and check to make sure from 2x to 16x is available.
IF NOT, I just eject and put the blank back in.
I need not do this anymore since I learned to not be in such a hurry and wait till the system recognizes my media.

bought the 716A in december, and with dvd shrink/decrypt, have burned over 80 movies,
mostly current and have not had 1 coaster in all.
I hope this helps some of you and yes, I got my 30.00 rebate within 2 weeks.
bought from plextor shop.

btw: when I burn movie, it starts to burn around 8,000kb’s and reaches 22,000kb’s about midway…
a full read, write, and burn of a movie with decrypt/shrink takes approx 17-22 minutes.
a copy of a copy takes 11 minutes… using Nero.


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Ya, I noticed this too. It doesn’t happen on all my media, but most of my -Rs and any RW media have ridiculously long spin-up/recognition times…

Haven’t had it so much on CDR and pressed media 'tho.

716SA, 10-20 second recognition time doesn’t seem so long to me. I’ve got other burners that take longer. Haven’t tried 16x media yet. Still got a stack of 8x to use.

This drive is fast. The other day I started a movie backup and went to take a shower. Before I got in the shower I heard the computer ding. I’m thinking…damn the burn failed but when I went back to check it was already finished!

MaximumPC gave the 716A a KickAss 10 rating this month.
(LOL…notice the typos)

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Packet writing software, such as InCD or Roxio Drag-to-disc can increase the spin up time and even contribute to recognition errors. Windows “autoplay” overhead can increase the time as well.

I recently installed a separate IDE card for my burners and was pleasantly surprised with considerably quicker start up times on both my drives (Benq 1620A and PX-716A), so you may want to look down that avenue as well (this also cured Roxio’s buffer “pumping” during burns, so I believe my mobo’s VIA chipset drivers are at least partially to blame).

That is one crappy review! It looks like a kid wrote that one :wink: Typos and wrong information :Z

That kid is 56…

typo errors are common when your in a hurry.

Doesn’t seem to annoy anyone else…

Yep, I agree…makes you wonder if those guys party too much. [sigh]…wish I could get stoned at work. :wink:

Crappy review or not I was thinking it would probably make the demand and price go up on that drive.

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Very true. I avoid packet writing software completely and have Windows Autoplay disabled with TweakUI. When installing software I avoid Autoplay-Autodetect features like the plague. My recognition time is closer to 10 seconds rather than 20.

I have a stand-alone Toshiba RDXS32 DVR…now that thing can take up to a minute.

Later, Conrad

Forgot to mention in my original post that after about 2 weeks,
I ditched the Roxio software that came on the plextools disk.
Just didn’t seem to want to play nice with media recognition…

my copy of a copy burn times are not disk to disk.
Very impressed with the 716A performance.
It has been pretty much flawless for all my needs.