Maybe this is my problem

im using a good 2 sheep burner to burn sd2.9 but my laptop has a no sheep burner (yes its a cheap dell inspiron cdrw/dvd) well the cd copy will run fine on my liteon 5232xx burner my plextor premium (which isnt a 2 sheep in the US anyways rev. 0002) and my sony dru500.

all the above are 1 sheep or better i believe…so my theory is that no sheep burners will not work with copies made from 2 sheep burners of sd2.9. this laptop drive is crap i cant even get it to work with efm turned on or any emulation.

Whether your laptop’s drive a no sheep burner or not has nothing to do with the fact that it doesnt load your backup. It is soimewhat common that backups will load on some drives while on others they wont.

Which software have you used on your other system to backup your SD games? Do you have the corresponding software installed in your laptop also? Is ignore media or any other similar feature enabled?

>Is ignore media or any other similar feature enabled?

Yes, this is probably the answer

Identical software on both computers…using latest version of Alc 120 and tried latest Blindwrite…4.5 and 5.

and yes ignore media is on without it id get please insert correct disk error. With it i get the .tmp errors. its just not a good drive to read weaker sectors. well its just not a good drive period…alot of persons are complaining to dell about it…comes with the inspiron 8200 series of laptops…

its the laptop drive believe me…ive tried the copy on like 10 different drives and they all play it. the laptop drive will play backed up sd2.7 and lower versions fine.

I have an original that my friends old laptop drive won’t read. Also a dell.

How you like them apples…

…and it’s probably a Toshi

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…and it’s probably a Toshi

ya its a toshi drive gcc-660 or some crap:(

and it will read the original…but hell i dont play medal of honor on that thing the videos too slow anyways…i play it on my new xp3200+ 64 bit chip machine…gotta love the 64 bit archetexture…it pipes 2 32 bit commands at a time. and with linux it really smokes!:stuck_out_tongue: